for upcoming brides: showdown at filene’s basement in dc

for all those brides-to-be, i’m giving you plenty of warning that next friday is filene’s basement’s big bridal event in dc. for those of you looking for deal on wedding gowns, and willing to work for it…this is the place to hit.

i summarized the top tips from filene’s site:

1) wear a sprots bra & shorts so you can try on dress anywhere in the store (no being modest!)
2) easy on the makeup as it may ruboff on the dresses.
3) bring your mom, friends, that really agressive boss. you’ll need someone to handle the inventory, someone to negotiate trades and someone to guard against predators.
4) identify your team: bright hats, colored shirts, walkie talkies, loud perfumes (ha ha).
5) doors open at 8 AM … people start lining up at 6. w/in 60 seconds all the dresses are picked-up and the trading begins. good luck.
6) be courteous — a raving lunatic of a bride is not desirable. remember what happened to monica?
7) sizes: remember you can always alter a dress smaller…it’s much harder the other way around. also, don’t be shocked that if you’re an 8 in normal dresses and a 10 or 12 in bridal. bridal wear runs small.
8) this is no place for the indecisive — be open-minded, have fun and, but don’t hesitate to make the purchase — the sale only lasts a day!

lucky you, i’m out of town that day, but may swing up to boston in a couple weeks, where the sale orinated :-D

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  1. Tom Bridge (unregistered) on July 29th, 2005 @ 2:48 pm



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