Running shoes vs. flip flops

Now lets say you’re headed out for a night of sing-along sing-song fun at JR’s in the summer heat.

Dress clothes are out, unless you chance a psycho taxi driver while hoping for the sweet Mohamed. Shorts or linen is in, and you need the shoes to match. My vote are nice flip flops. Hey, they’re worthy of the White House, so why not JR’s.

No so is the opinion of some boys in JR’s. They content that running shoes are better. Better, not for fashion, which all agreed I had more of in my fancy flops, Better to protect your feet from all the bad stepping going on when folks try and drink + sing.

Me, I’d rather suffer from fashion than be caught in running shoes if not actually running. NoVA khaki pants style be damned, running shoes are called ‘running’ shoes for a reason.

Don’t be standing in a bar with ’em, fool, be running in them. Stand in a bar, especially one like JR’s, in fancy flops. Hey, wear rhinestones if ya got ’em. The boys will love ya!

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