Still riding high from my week-long birthday celebrations, I met my best-buds at the Big Hunt for my friend Diamond’s birthday on Friday. Our trusty wait-staff, Lauren and Joe, reserved us a table with balloons and a home-made vegan mud-pie.

Nothing makes you feel more at home (or more like a committed alcoholic) than having a table voluntarily reserved for you at a busy DC bar.

The celebration quickly took-off as the beers flowed rapidly and the internet juke-box fell under our control. A couple of cute DC girls attached themselves to Diamond and the night was in full-swing. We closed out the Big Hunt and after one of our crew peeled off with a lady, Diamond and I hit Annie’s Steakhouse.

Jenn L. has already written a nice summary of Annie’s as a premium late-night dining option and I agree with her description whole-heartedly. We indulged in fried mushrooms, jalapeno poppers, chicken-fingers and of course steak and eggs.

Bidding the birthday boy farwell I cruised home with a brief stop at the Massachusett’s Ave./Scott Circle red-light to be swarmed by an army of 40-or-so hookers. Apparently that red-light is now DC’s red-light district. While DC pro’s are no surprise to me – ever since I lived in Chinatown during the bad-old-days and walked passed them every-night going home from work – I was surprised at the force-strength at which they were present on Saturday morning. It was like a zombie movie. Gaggles of hookers doing the Thriller shuffle around Scott Circle – freaky.

The night ended with me safely at home (alone) but was really just a warm-up for Saturday.

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  1. Lauren (unregistered) on August 5th, 2005 @ 1:08 am

    We used to get sloshed, stumble to Annie’s at sun up, and order 4 plates of those “mushroom shits.” I firmly suggest all do the same.

    Can you say “shits” on here?

    -the best table-reserver ever

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