Pass the Steak, Please

Well gee, here we go. After a million or so years on the evolutionary path and now indisputably at the top of it, folks wanna give up all that effort. Yes, I’m talking about you, my lettuce munching, bean boiling vegetarian peeps. You want us to give up meat, the right we secured with stick and spear a millennia ago, and revert back to berries and shrubs.

Love ya, and even been ya, but I’m not giving up my steak and eggs. I went vegetarian for eight years, eight long years of salads and pasta that I didn’t see a great change from. No, all I did was piss off girlfriends and crave a greasy egg sandwich. Thankfully, my Russian host family broke me of such foolishness back in my Peace Corps Western Russia days.

Now I’m free to omnivore any and everything, which means when I eat out, I’m not gonna be constricted to vegetarian restaurants in DC. Nope, I’m free to live my own gastronomic life, even duck tongue or Chinese jaiozi with Mom.

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