Why did the Goose Cross the Road?

You know those nature shows that always have dramatic footage of birds coming in gracefully for a soft landing, usually over water?

Saw it for real around dusk at the intersection of Rockville Pike and Nicholson Lane. This goose comes in for a less than perfectly smooth landing complete with back pedal and butt-slide, straight onto asphalt!

The bird then proceeded to strut around, presumably looking for a crosswalk. The turn lanes were on and traffic was headed his way. The guy in the first car stopped to let him get his bearings. Then he pulled over to the side, got off his cell-phone, got out of the car and shooed our fowl friend over to the sidewalk.

That’s a little responsible citizenship if you ask me. Too bad I didn’t have my camera. Plus, still pictures wouldn’t have done it any justice. And any video footage would only make it’s way onto a cheesy televison show….

But still!

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