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So I’ve often thought that Metrobuses are microcosms of DC society, more so than the tourist-riddled Metro.

Each bus line has its own personality.

Some are completely cut-throat:
“I’m not getting up for you, pregnant lady!”

Some are pulse points of DC professional stress:
“Did you just touch my jacket?!!?”

Some are quiet, courteous, and deadly.

Take my line, the venerable 66. As a regular rider now for the past five years, I’ve discovered it has two important rules, and both were on display this morning.

1) Always greet the bus driver.
If you greet the driver consistently, with a sad and sleepy “Good Morning,” you can eventually break through his gruff exterior. He may actually recognize you, and one morning slow down (!) or even stop (!) and wait while you stumble blearily across the street to catch the bus. I reached this exalted state today, and even got a “Late this morning, honey?”

Of course I paid dearly for ignoring important rule number two…

2) Be Nice to the Church Ladies.
This prevents them from talking about you loudly as if you weren’t there. “Who does she think she is, making us wait for her?” Note that if you’re in plugged-in iPod bliss, they will talk about you even louder, and if the driver is nice to you, count on instant elevation to “Jezebel!” status.

Tomorrow will be an interesting ride…

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