We always knew he was a dumb-ass

I had read earlier that former University of Virginia basketball player Elton Brown, had pleaded guilty to charges of carrying a concealed weapon. Since he got a 10-day suspended sentence, I didn’t think much of it, and that there was little controversy. He owned the gun legally and did not use it to injure or maim. He just failed to acquire a permit to have it concealed. Happens all the time. Kind of like when you got pulled over because your tags expired and you forgot to get the sticker, or you changed address and whatever…

Well, I’ve come across more details. There still isn’t much controversy but it’s rather amusing that it all stemmed from an altercation he had with another gentleman over a woman. It happened at a mall, where he and the other gentleman took a fight outside and Brown retrieved a sem-automiatic weapon from his truck.

Now, all I’m thinking is “YOU’RE SIX FOOT NINE!!!” What the hell out of shape are you that you need a semi-automatic to take care of some mallrat? *If it’s true*, at least former Terp Steve Francis had a posse to smack up his “rivals”. Dumb-sh*t Wahoos….

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