I heart Harry

Last night I went over to the Barnes and Noble at Seven Corners to get my (reserved since June) copy of the sixth Harry Potter. I went with my best friend, and we didn’t get there until almost 10:30, since she was busy before that. I was surprised that it wasn’t packed – apparently only about 300 people who reserved copies showed up, and judging from the amount of boxes, there were plenty left over. Maybe there will be a huge rush today.

The festivities were…kind of lame, actually. There was a disappointing costume parade, which mostly consisted of people wearing black glasses frames and/or black robes, which looked like they were borrowed from church choirs. Kids could get their faces painted or make owls out of paper bags. (My best friend and another friend made a couple, but, as we kept saying, I don’t think they’ll wind up on display at the Guggenheim.)

Fortunately, even with 300 desperate people with reserved copies and 100+ more hoping to get the leftovers, the lines moved pretty quickly. 5 or 6 cashiers were working very quickly, and a few people behind them got the books ready in bags, so that they could hand them off without much waiting time. It was like being in a fast food restaurant. I was number 187 and got my copy around 12:20; the leftovers went out around 12:45, so the whole ordeal only took about an hour.

Anyone else have an interesting Potter Day experience? (And did anyone find it for cheaper than $17?)

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  1. David (unregistered) on July 16th, 2005 @ 3:57 pm

    I work at BJ’s which is a Costco like store. We’ve got it for 15.99.

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