Chillin in Bedrock

Oh it is hot and sweaty these days. Real DC summer heat + humidity. Beside spending 24/7 at the beach, only A/C can be your escape. And where better to feel the wondrous effects of cold air than in an underground bar.

Taught to me by Dan the Magic Man, who dove the couch to find change to make rent but always had good beer in the fridge, if you don’t have A/C in your house, or like mine, it doesn’t work so good, underground bars are naturally cool. Once you add in A/C, its nice as ice, just what your body needs when its 90+ and 100% humidity in the shade. yep

Me, I prefer Bedrock Billiards on days like today. Dark cool, cold, with good beer and better pool, its the best spot to spend the night till the heat has passed enough to head home. Just be smart and arrive early.

I remember one scorching summer day in the mid-90’s where Dan grabbed me for a night retreat to that subterranean Arctic only to find that it was not only packed to the fire code limit with others looking for sub-90’s air, but that all that body heat overwhelmed the equipment, leaving all of us, inside and out, sweaty outside and in.

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