Two New Wins for DC City Folk!

trick.jpgI can’t believe it – tonight I found two new cool things for DC city folk to enjoy. Things that were closed to us before, but now are here for our late night enjoyment. Circle around and read with pleasure:

  • The Washington Monument is now open to the public! Yes, now you can walk or run all the way up to the Washington Monument, tag its cool marble side with your bare hands, and wander away at your leisure. No longer are tickets required to just feel its presence. Its only too bad that in the remodeling, the Park Service took away the double water fountain that used to be on the southeast side of the monument. That’s one less working water fountain on the Mall.
  • The Tivoli Giant sells beer after 10pm! Yep, no longer do you have to clock watch while you’re shopping, hoping to get in your week’s grocery and a six-pack before 10pm. Giant hasn’t yet installed the usual 10pm beer check software that stops the cashiers from ringing up your late night binge. Party on my Mt Pleasant friend, just don’t be like the lame-o tonight who used this short-lived privilege and bought Bud Ice.

Life is good, its gonna rain, and I’m a happy camper today.

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  1. Paulo (unregistered) on July 13th, 2005 @ 10:52 am

    It’s great to have the Washington Monument open again; crawling with tourists though it may be, the Monument hill is one of my favorite DC urban oases. When you’re at the base of the monument watching the sunset and feeling the breeze, the sounds of the city below just fade away.

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