Cat Woman and Dog-Boy

At least 2 or 3 times a year we get a story like this from somewhere, but two of them? On the same day? From the same area?

What the heck are these people thinking? It must be pure, unfiltered madness to live with over 150 cats and another 40 or so dead-ones stuffed in tupperware bins and trashcans. Could a human even breath in such an atmosphere? Could you even walk across the room in a house with that many cats?

It all reminds me of that horribly descriptive scene in Jeff Noon’s book Vurt – when the main character infiltrates the house where the Dog-men hang-out. Disgusting – filth – pure and simple.

And what about the guy with all the dogs? I remember a buddy of mine in third grade, his family had 4 dogs. They nicknamed their backyard “the holocaust” because of what those hounds and their dog-piles had done to it. I just can’t imagine a house with 50 or so dogs. Or even the neighbors tolerating the accumulation of that many animals.

I just don’t get it. I guess now we know why Mt. Vernon didn’t make the best places to live list!

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