Today I’m riding the metro into the city to meet with some of my fellow metrobloggers. And, honestly, I don’t feel 100 percent safe. In the past, I’ve never really thought much about my safety on the metro. There were only two possible dangers I could think of – falling on the tracks (unlikely) and being involved in a crash (also unlikely).

Now, though, it’s hard not to think about other possibilities. We could be targets. We were before, in a different way. Other countries hate us. Any number of things could happen.

So we need to take a lesson from the Britons. They have stood up to their attackers and let them know that what has happened wasn’t enough to destroy them. Why should we Americans be afraid of what hasn’t even happened when they’re not afraid of what has happened? It’s become trite to say so, but it really is true that if we give up our daily activities, we’re giving the terrorists what they want. We have to get back on the metro like the Londoners got back on the tube. This will unite us with London and strengthen our defense. We have to prove that we’re not afraid of what could come.

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