The Platonic Ideal

Few things in DC could really be considered Platonic Ideals, but I think I have identified one amongst a seemingly shrinking number of these things in our fair city.

Galileo Grill. Tiffany I headed over there for a treat lunch, and boy, was that worth the five block walk each way. The sausage sandwich, which I ordered as “Italian Sausage sandwich,” to which Roberto himself responded, “What, did you think we’d have French?” I responded after stammering, “I shudder to think what they’d put in it…”

We both got a chuckle out of it.

Oddest to me was the payment system. There is no cashier. There is just a box of money sitting on the counter. Put in what you owe, take change if necessary. I fumbled with my mathematics, trying to add hastily before the line grew surly, I hope I put in the right amount…

But wow, the sandwich was amazing. The bread was crusty, but not hard. The pesto was not overly basil-esque or garlic-y, and the sausage was perfectly done. Juicy, yet finished.

Better still, though, was the cannoli. Wow. There just aren’t words.

It’s open next Wednesday and Thursday from 11:45a until the food’s all gone. Take Cash. Go Early. Plan to wait in line. It’s worth it.

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