Breeze of a Draft

The 2005 NBA draft just got done and over with. Yes, on a Tuesday night. When you didn’t really notice. But you coule be excused for that. In a previous post, I made some observations and pseudo-predictions.

Kwame Brown has yet to be traded, Pops Mensah-Bonso withdrew from the draft to back to GWU and former Maryland star-turned-pariah John Gilchrist better start writing up his resume. However, the night is still young and once the trading period is officially opened, we may start hearing some rumors of the former boy wonder getting shipped out of here.

Few of the mock drafts I saw (and I only saw a few) had Ike Diogu of Arizona State going in the top 10. Which exactly where he went, ahead of Sean May, as I predicted, so pardon me as I enjoy my little moment.

Where Les Boulez really surprised me was in violating my numero uno prediction that anyone who had anything in common with boy wonder Kwame Brown would never receive any consideration. With their second round pick, they drafted a 6-11 prep star, Andray Blatche. An inch shy of 7-feet and out of high school, much like boy wonder Kwame Brown. What is surprising is that Blatche was projected to be a top-20 pick, so he could still turn out to be a steal for the Wiz.

Also, ESPN had mentioned that the Celtics were taking a long hard look at him. The Celtics were to pick immediately after the Wizards, so perhaps this was a little swipe-the-leprechauns-lucky-charms move while they weren’t looking. Only time will tell.

One the other hand, Kwame Brown ought to know that there’s only room enough in this town for one prep school center, and it ain’t looking like it’s going to be him!

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