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The NBA Draft Lottery was conducted last night. You may have missed it while you got up to get more cheet-os during halftime of a thrilling Suns-Spurs game.

Milwaukee pulled an upset to land the rights to the first pick. As for Les Boulez, don’t bother searching for their draft choices, they traded away their first round pick. This years pick landed in Denver after going through Orlando. So until I receive confirmation of contradictory information, I am assuming that it was part of the deal that landed us Brendan Haywood.

Since all the action is going to be around the second round choice (likely to be an unknown European leadfoot), I can predict the following. Heck, I’ll call it an unparalleled success of they can just do a few things, is all I’m asking for :-

1. Les Boulez will not draft any one of the 12 prep schoolers on the early entry list. So don’t bother showing up for any individual workouts in the district. Even if you have a note from your Mommy. Actually, a note from your psychiatrist may be of better use. You have Kwame Brown to thank for that one.

2. In three of the last four years, the Wizards have enjoyed near unprecedented fan support. Two of those years, a certain Wizards jersey had the number 23 on it. The fourth year saw an amazing playoff run that injected life into a flailing franchise that was otherwise being compared to the Clippers. Which means that in the odd year of this present run, the only bright spot for most fans was to catch sight of local college legends Juan Dixon and Steve Blake. Both of whose contracts are up and who may not be back. Therefore, Brandon Bowman and John “Knucklehead” Gilchrist need not hold their breath for the hometown bail-out. Pops Mensah-Bonsu on the other hand, well he’ll get a good look. A REAL good look.

3. Kwame Brown is being actively shopped around as we speak. Don’t be surprised if a few draft choices get packaged into the deal. This is one year however, when I fully expect Washington to come away with someone else’s draft choices. Unlike previous years when you could count on the Wizards to have the tricks played on them, anything north of the towelboy would be a Washington heist.

4. Speaking of Kwame Brown, a straight-up trade for a top ten pick wouldn’t be a bad idea. Should that be the case, look for a solid post player to feature on Washington’s draft board. Between you and me, I like Ike Diogu of Arizona State, but all things considered I don’t see him dropping past 10, if not the 15. You could be forgiven for thinking that Sean May of the recently crowned National Champions North Carolina would be a sexier pick, but Diogu has been a beast during his three years in Tempe, putting up solid numbers while you were struggling to stay awake for Leno.

There are only so many things I can guarantee at this point. Kwame Brown will be traded out of here, and unless a first round, mid to late lottery pick shows up in return, you can pass this one up. Chances are you’ll never remember the name of the second round pick by mid-July anyway.

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  1. Paul (unregistered) on May 25th, 2005 @ 1:24 am

    You know, of course, that Washington’s best current player was a second-round pick, right?

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