a personal favor: did anyone see coldplay @ hfstival?

at the risk of turning this into a totally coldplay entry (and revealing how obsessed w/ coldplay i am), i’m requesting any and all info on how they played hfstival in baltimore this weekend — i need to know how it was!!! it hasn’t been updated on band site yet. please post comments here. any images, cell phone recordings, mms, send to ntilagan@yahoo.com.

i was so psyched to go catch coldplay at hfstival in anticipation of their performance in nyc. i’m heading up tuesday AM for a performance at the beacon theater sponsored by aol music. however, my stinkin allergies, a cold, and the threat of rain quarantined me to my home. :( :( :(

pictures are posted on hfstival, but haven’t seen too many comments yet. i’m surfing the message boards as we speak. can anyone fill in the details below?

i know coldplay isn’t your typical hfstival band, but it’s great they came to the area on their promotional tour before the release of the new album. i totally welcome any comments on hfstival in general (foo fighters specifically,too)…will update throughout the day…

“Coldplay was incredible. I truely love this band. They threw in a bunch of nods and thanks to other acts and HFS too (played a bit of white wedding their way and mentioned dave grohl in it as well).

Set: new song, politik, yellow, new song, clocks, fix you (very romantic ), in my place

Foo Fighters were fun as always. Dave talking with B’more accent at end-priceless. Set: All My Life, Learn to Fly, My Hero, Times Like These, The Last Song (new), Stacked Actors (with a “jamming” session), Monkey Wrench, Everlong.”

“The rain really f***** up the set times for Coldplay and Foos because they each only ended up playing about 35-40 minute sets.

I was pleasantly suprised by Coldplay and the dedications to all the bands was nice. That guy had a hard on for Dave Grohl apparently but I’m not gonna fault him for that. Clocks was great to hear live. Good job Coldplay.

Foo Fighters. 3rd best set of the day but only because their set was massively shortened. Stacked Actors rocked my a** off and I could see Dave running into the T barrier.”

found more info on coldplaying fansite:
– coldplay tooks stage at 9:45 in the rain
– line-up: square one, politik, yellow, low, clocks, fix you, in my place.

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