Everybody Out!

It was about ten after twelve when I finally got back from a tech call, I sat at my desk, packing my things, getting ready to head for the Orioles/Twins contest up in Baltimore. The alarm was going off in our building, again, but I figured it was yet another false alarm.

Then I heard the voice, shrill and cutting to the core of my very being. It was Judy, and she was agitated. “Everybody OUT. NOW!” Such orders from Judy could only be considered miraculous divination, as this is the woman who would not even let us out one millisecond early during the inaugural mess. But, of course, there she was, watching MSNBC in the conference room when the alerts came and she marched people toward the elevators.

Of course, it turned out to just be some jackass in a Cessna, but hey, it sure was exciting. Of course the two guys involved will be spending a long time explaining themselves to Very Angry Customs Agents, followed by Very Angry Capitol Police and Secret Service.

By the by, we DID hit Code Red today, according to WTOP, which is a first for the DC area. Never before have I been so glad to see the Capitol in my rear view mirror.

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