Repeat After Me: Duhon was The Goat

The Washington Wizards have finally won a playoff series, after 23 years of not even coming close. This week, a number of those wounds have closed up.

Winning a game after giving up a ten-point lead with 42 seconds to go. Terp fans the world over held their collective breaths. And the grand finale tonight, which no Terp fan could have scripted better. The go-ahead basket came after Chris Duhon turns his head the wrong way and gives up an easy bucket to Jared Jeffries.

Anyone and everyone watching that sequence of events all thought the same thing. Why doesn’t Duhon foul Jeffries? After all, Tyson Chandler had the minerals to body slam Larry Hughes in the first quarter. Well, Duhon is a Dookie, and for the first time in recorded history, a Dookie wasn’t bailed out by a referee’s phantom call. I never thought I would live to see THAT day!

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