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Emily’s post reminded me that I had not yet taken the time to rhapsodize about some of my own favorite lunch spots. I started working downtown again three months ago and have been taking recommendations from my new coworkers. We’ve got the standard assortment of chain places and by-the-pound buffets, but I’ve also been introduced to some more obscure stuff.

Naan & Beyond has become the default choice at the office when we can’t decide what we want for lunch, or when it’s too cold to walk anywhere. It’s an Indian sandwich shop- you get tikka sandwiches, biryani, and samosas there for cheap. During the lunch rush, they’ve got the assembly-line thing down, yelling “chicken tikka chicken tikka sheesh tikka!” at each other while the girl at the end of the line asks each customer whether they want mint or mango chutney with their sandwich.

Perfect Pita has a location a few blocks from my office, as well as two in Alexandria. Their pita is just the right level of chewy and the hummus is strong enough to cure whatever ails you. When I go there for lunch, I usually get the Chicken Hummus Veggie sandwich, which is sort of football-shaped and heavy, and is a big lunch for $6 even with tax. A container of hummus, a container of tzatziki, and 5 pieces of pita was dinner for Tom and me the other night… $8.

Robeks is a chain, but they’ve only got one location in the DC area. They’re known mostly for smoothies and nutritional supplements, but they’ve also got sandwiches and salads and stuff. But none of that is the reason I go there. I’ve become a devotee of the Acai Energy Bowl. Acai is this Brazilian berry that has tons of antioxidants in it, and they mix it up with some bananas, blueberries, and just a little apple juice until it’s thicker than your typical smoothie. There’s granola at the bottom and on top, and then on top of all that is some more banana. I eat this for breakfast probably a little too often. When I walk in there in the mornings, the guys at the counter don’t even bother asking what I want anymore- they just ring it up as soon as I walk in the door. Mmm $5 fruity breakfast- it’s so tasty I have trouble believing that it’s good for me.

Where do you guys go to lunch?

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