Baseball In Season!

The Orioles begin their season at Camden Yards this afternoon against the Oakland A’s. For those who want to see opening day baseball but don’t want to spend $350 for a pair of seats, there are plenty of tickets available for today’s contest against the Oakland A’s.

Didn’t Angelos say there were no true baseball fans in DC? Then why is the Nats home opener sold out, but you can still get really great seats (section 46, row YY at press time) in Baltimore?

The Nats start their season in Philadelphia this afternoon, sending Livan Hernandez to the mound against Jon Lieber. The Phillies are also debuting new manager Charlie Manuel, and Frank Robinson is heading up our Nationals.

I love Opening Day. I’m convinced it ought to be a National Holiday where we glorify the history of the game, and wrap ourselves in the memories of heroes gone by. Where we connect ourselves to the past and for a day and watch the game our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers watched in the afternoons in palaces built for the game in the midst of metropolises across the land.

But for now, I shall just be happy to have a team in DC and some games to go to! Go Nationals!

Update: Top of the Fourth in Baltimore, O’s 3, A’s 0. Bottom of the Fourth in Philly, Nats 1, Phillies 3

Update 2 Leaving for home now, Nats down 7-4, O’s up 4-0.

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