Baseball, Bush Twins and Budgets

While the Nationals are in the midst of their spring training throes, the front office is beginning to shape things up for opening day. In yesterday’s announcer search, 22 hopefuls squared off at the Bowie baseball diamond in what was rumored to be a steel-cage deathmatch, but turned out to be an annouce-off. Apologies to Sherry Davis, who was not notified of the change in time and came in her best wrestling tights.

Meanwhile, Major League Baseball is hard at work trying to convince Peter Angelos that in fact, he does not own the rights to the entire eastern seaboard’s television market. It’s a shame to see an owner so desperate to cling to what wasn’t but barely his to begin with behave in such an undignified manner. But we’ve come to expect nothing less from Pete.

Someone’s been Photoshopping the Bush Twins, and it looks like there’s a good chance the editor of Maxim will be experiencing some of that famous Cuban Hospitality down at Camp X-Ray. Take some sunscreen, my pasty New York friend.

Dear Leader, I mean, Mayor Williams also unleashed his massive budgetary figures on the unsuspecting populace yesterday. The budget weighs in at a hefty $4.9 Billion, with over $1 Billion in reserves. The Mayor is promising significant progressive tax relief for poor and disabled homeowners with hefty tax bills thanks to rising property values. If only this man ran Arlington County!

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