A Couple Best-of-2004s

I figured I ought to put up a few of my best-of-2004s. Here they are, in no particular order:

Best criminal: The Serial Arsonist. Okay, so he started in March of 2003. However, he’s been quite active in 2004, since the police still haven’t caught the guy. Since the serial arsonist has started arsoning, 45 different fires have been set. This guy must really know how to cover his tracks.
Best Show: Sondre Lerche at IOTA in Arlington. If you ever get a chance to see this guy perform, go. Not only is he an incredible musician and songwriter, he’s a really good performer. Half the concert, it was him, a guitar and the audience. For the other half, the opening band came on an played for/with him. And between songs, he jokes with the audience, tells stories, and generally comes off as a graceful and charming fellow.
Best Politician: Marion Barry. He’s back, as a Ward 8 DC council member. Heck, just a few days ago, he was recommended for a seat on the Metro board.
Best New Restaurant: Great Sage. I actually just went out there for lunch earlier today. Great Sage is a vegetarian restaurant in Clarksville, MD (in between Baltimore and DC) which focuses on healthy versions of traditional American-style foods. It’s a bit far from DC proper, but the drive up there can be quite pretty, and the food is very much worth it.
Best Brunch: Asylum. Saturday and Sunday, from 11ish to 4-5 ish, this biker-friendly bar serves up a great brunch for cheap. They have all the basics, scrambled eggs, pancakes, etc., and they have an incredible vegan menu to go along with it (I suggest the chili-cheese tofu scramble).

I know there’s a bunch I’ve missed, but I’m not that good at this whole remember-the-past thing–I’d rather look forward to the future. Woo 2005! May the new year bring us less Metro crashes and more affordable housing!

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