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One man’s trash…

I just came across a great free local classifieds resource — It’s a free service that allows users to post only free items that they need or want to give away. I’ve already posted several items I currently need, and within minutes received responses (still looking for a queen or full bed). I have to say that I’m really impressed and happy to see the internet being used the way it was intended.


I want to point people towards, who recently lauched (re-launched?) their website earlier this week. The site covers music, with a local emphasis, and has a nice calendar section that lists upcoming shows.

happy hour review: eye spy

the new eye bar in dc is actually quite hard to spy. a few doors down from to the ever popular cafe asia, eye bar needs quite a bit of help getting notice.

first, the physical sign for eye bar is difficult to see as it competes with the neon sign for the upstairs hair salon. look about 20 feet up and you might catch it.

second, the owners are relying on word-of-mouth promotion — a bit frustrating when trying to decide on whether to check this place out — i’m not about to waste my time and money on a lounge w/o a recommendation.

three, martinis served in metal glasses (is it still called a glass if it’s made of metal?). needless to say, leaves a weird metallic taste in the mouth. keep in mind, i’m pretty particular about my martinis.

lastly, nothing really kept me there after an hour. the place was fairly empty; so we ended up craving sushi and made our way over to cafe asia.

my piece of advice is that eye bar should take it up a notch — there’s too much competition in dc for happy hours. for those of you considering checking eye bar out, give them a few months to make some changes…

This deal is yooge!

Donald Trump and Apprentice fans can now purchase Trump Ice, the bottled water contestants had to sell in the first season of the show. In this area, you can get the water for $1.50 a bottle at the Vineyard in McLean and Cecile’s Fine Wine in McLean and Gaithersburg. Of course, you have to look at The Donald’s face on the bottle while you drink it, but for $.50 less than other bottles of water, it might be worth it.

He’s back!

Well, the voters have spoken, and Marion Barry is back in DC government, this time as the DC councilmember from Ward 8 (SE DC, and the poorest of the wards). Another notable upset is Kwame Brown beating out Harold Brazil for the at-large seat. Now, this was just the primary, but in the district, the democratic primary basically is the election, with the “real” elections only being a formality. According to that article I linked to, dems outnumber repubs in DC by nearly 10 – 1.
Good luck to the new city council. You’ll certainly have your hands full.

you have a choice

living in a tri-state area has it’s advantages, including the fact we have three contestants to root for to win the miss america pageant!

the competition has already started with the swimsuit and talent winners announced today. however, the final night of competition will be broadcast live from ac on abc, 9/18 from 9-11, marking the program’s 50th anniversary on tv.


short profiles of our area contestants:
miss dc, therese lizardo, was born in watchung, nj and is 24 years old. her talent for the competition is tahitian/hawaiian dance and she considers herself a dedicated student, an avid dancer and an entertaining extrovert. miss dc hasn’t been crowned miss america since 1921, the very first year of the pageant.

miss maryland, tiffany jenkins is from silver spring, md and is also age 24. she wants to obtain a phd in clinical psych, and describes herself as an artist, advocate and disney-buff. maryland has yet to produce a miss america, so this could be their year!

miss virginia, mariah rice, hails from mechanicsville, va, age 24, and sees herself as a survivor, dedicated teacher and trailblazer. her career ambition is to be an owner of a studio of the performing arts.

looks like we’re ready to give the rest of the country a run for their money on saturday! good luck to all the contestants…

DC votes today

Just wanted to remind everyone that today is the DC Primary. “Primary voters will select each party’s nominee for a congressional Delegate, At-Large seat s on the City Council, and a U.S. Representative who serves as an unpaid lobbyist on behalf of D.C. statehood. Council seats are on the ballots in Wards 2, 4, 7 and 8. Democrats will elect the leaders of its State Committee, which is the party’s official governing body. Democrats will choose the District’s representatives to the Democratic National Committee.” Marion Barry’s running in Ward 8, btw. Prince George’s county residents are also voting today.
DC & PG county residents, go & vote! Polls are open until 8pm. No taxation without representation!

CD Release Party: No Second Troy

No Second Troy CD Release Party @ Iota
When: Sept. 14(8PM)
Where: Iota Cafe (Arlington, VA)
What: Concert by NO SECOND TROY (opening set by Dave Greksouk)
Why: Release of album: ‘Fall’
Cost: $10 (FREE CDs, T-shirts, stickers)
I hear that this local band is great. They’ll be featuring tunes mostly from their new album. Something to do on a Tuesday evening…

The Chosen Few

That’s how guitarist Skip McDonald of Tackhead described the 30 people who turned out for last night’s phenomenal show at the Black Cat. Early in the night when I realized how small the crowd was going to be for this legendary band, I felt embarrassed that this was the biggest crowd DC could muster for them.
But when Tackhead took the stage, in the near empty Black Cat, they embraced the small crowd of die-hard fans like old friends and gave a truly mind-bending performance. The band declared at the beginning of the night that even though there were so few people, Tackhead were going to “rock the fuck out like there were a thousand.” And they did just that.
I never imagined I would ever get to see this band play live. Being able to do so with such an intimate crowd setting was amazing. For guys who haven’t played together in 13 years they sound as fresh as they did in their prime. The set was intense fun covering the gamut of styles Tackhead were known for. What amazed me most of all was how charismatic each individual member of the band is and how proficient they are with there instruments. Each member had a chance to show off their chops in devastating extended solos.
And of course what would Tackhead be without the extreme leftist politics? In the form of their godlike bassist, Doug Wimbush, they didn’t disappoint. He gave a funky slam-poetry style anti-Bush intro to a new song called “Terrorism” that would have gone down in music history if there had been more people in attendance.
Instead that great spontaneous rant and this historic show will only live on in the memories and re-telling of the chosen few that were there. I’m glad I was one of them.

top of the tapas

tapas tapas tapas…there’s something to be said about the ability to dine on multiple dishes of meat, cheese, potato and seafood paired with a wonderful glass of wine. variety is key, as the point is to taste a little bit of everything.

traditional tapas are of spanish origin with the foods infused with garlic, oil, wine, citrus and tomato. by far the best tapas restaurant in dc is panache, which just opened in june. cozy little booths of bright red velvet surround you as you await your meal. make sure to snack on these fine dishes: i) smoked salmon, tomato and goat cheese, ii) manchego cheese iii) mussels in white wine sauce and iv) tender tender squid.

the concept of tapas being so appealing, other ethicities have picked up on the wave. zaytinya offers a mediteranean flair of greek, lebanese and turkish influences. indique is “indian and unique” by serving up mini-dishes of curries, charcoal-grilled tandoori and veggie specials. and if you’re looking for an asian spin, have no fear, mantis is here, giving you a choice of martinis to go with the tasty treats.

so go, live life! nibble, experiment and enjoy a night of half a dozen small dishes and save room for dessert.

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