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Baseball in Anacostia

The Post provides this handy graphic to show where the new baseball stadium will go in Anacostia if Major League Baseball gets off its collective ass and decides to move the Expos to DC. See the Post’s full coverage of DC baseball for more details.
There’s also talk of putting in a soccer stadium for the DC United right next to the Expos’ stadium. More power to ’em.

Chili, music, and a good cause

It’s almost Chili Cook-off time again. Ever year, DC101 (101.1 FM) hosts the Chili Cook-off downtown and plays host to some great bands. This year (which happens to be the 25th), the cook-off is on October 16th at Independence Ave. & 12th St., starting at 11 a.m. You can preorder tickets for $25 (they’re $35 at the door); admission for kids under 6 is free (though, as their website says, it’s “not really recommended”). This year’s bands are Jimmy Eat World, Switchfoot, The Donnas, Cake, Thousandfootkrutch, Chevelle, and DC101’s “Last Band Standing” competition winner. Proceeds go to the National Kidney Foundation. If you need more information, you can go here.

Another JibJab Cartoon Coming Soon

By now, everyone’s seen the cartoon parodying Bush and Kerry to the tune of “This Land is Your Land.” If you haven’t, then my gosh, where have you been?!?
Well guess, what? The JibJab brothers are back in action making another cartoon that will debut on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno sometime in early October. The brothers posted on their blog the following:

Our next animation will not be another THIS LAND. We could spend the rest of our lives trying to make another THIS LAND and it’d never happen. That’s okay. We’ve accepted that on some deep metaphysical level. But as two guys trying to build a career, we had to make a choice…

The lyrics are written, the song is recorded and we’re deep in the process of animating. We think it’s got a few chuckles in it, but what the hell do we know? We’re grown men making cartoons.

I’m so giddy with anticipation, I may just pee in my pants.

Question for the Readers

Does anyone know if Monica Lewinsky has been lurking around town? I only ask this because I think I just saw her outside of World of Snacks, which is, coincidentally, two blocks from the White House. And, yes, I think there are still some snacks left . . .
I can’t be positive that it was her, because whoever it was, had on big sunglasses, but it looked a lot like her. I mean *a lot.* You can read about how it all went down here.
So if anyone knows for sure if she is in town, please let me know!

airline squeeze

just when you thought airline fares were becoming reasonable, a number of major airlines are bestowing a new hefty fee on travelers — for booking tickets through customer service.
on 10/15, united airlines will begin adding a $10 fee for tickets purchased at the airport counter, $5 fee for tickets purchased via phone and $15 for mileage award tickets. it joins northwest, american and continental in charging a fee.

i had the opportunity to find out directly as i called the 800 united premier traveler number to be greeted with a 13 sec message about the fees. i could feel my blood pressure rise and was already frustrated before i spoke to someone.

aren’t there enough additional taxes & fees for air travel? the combination of ticketing, security, facilities, flight segment and fuel already mean a passenger could pay more than 25% of the typical fare towards taxes & fees as calculated by the Air Transport Association.

how did the major airlines get themselves in such a bind? how much more are they willing to do to alienate loyal travelers? i’ve been observing the independence air and united showdown…i must admit, the lower fares and less hassle are making independence air more and more appealing…


More festivals

As an update to Leslie’s post about upcoming festivals, I’d like to add:
Green Festival
This weekend, Sept 18 & 19th (Sat & Sun). There will be exhibitors, speakers, and with any luck, lots of free samples. Topics covered by speakers range from socially responsible media to small businesses to conscious consumers. I took a look at the exhibitors list, and there will be lots of yummy food there (Mmmm sticky fingers). Tickets cost $10 each, and I’ve heard that if you go by bike you’ll get $5 off admission.
Maryland Ren Fest
Weekends throughout Sept & Oct, just outside Annapolis. It’s one of the largest Renaissance Fairs in the country, and there’s all sorts of artisans selling their wares. You can even have a wedding there. Tickets are $17 for adults, and less for groups, seniors and kids.

I’m Making The Prediction

The Expos will come to D.C., not to NoVa…
How do I know this? My “in” has an “in” who has an “in.” My “in’s” “in” says final details are being negotiated as I write this entry.
More details to come…

Sabbath, Zepplin & Floyd Thru a Shoegazer Filter

If that description doesn’t catch your attention I don’t know what will. It applies to the DC power trio known as Dead Meadow and their latest album is a powerhouse sampling of all their influences, which range from Prog-rock to Metal to Psychadelic shoegazer. They are playing this Saturday up at Baltimore’s Ottobar and will definitely be worth the short road-trip. In fact the idea of driving up BW Parkway at night, warming up on some Sabbath and some Spacemen 3 then watching Dead Meadow perform sounds like a perfect Saturday night side trip.
Dead Meadow w/Oneida @ The Ottobar 9PM doors

Goodbye, Old Friend…

This week marks the end of an era for me. Visions Cinema Bistro Lounge, my first job in DC and the place where I met many of the people who would become close friends, is closing.
For those of you that didn’t know about it (and that’s apparently a significant number), Visions was a combination art-house theater, restaurant and bar. While the restaurant never quite clicked, the theater always had a great selection of off-beat and risky films (I was first introduced to the work of Takashi Miike there, via his edgy masterpiece Audition), and the bar was one of the most fun in the District – energetic & friendly bar staff, a varied crowd – the perfect antidote to the meat market flesh press of 18th St. or the desperately-trying-to-be-hip crowd at the Cat on a Friday night.
It’s a shame that DC can’t maintain a truly independent theater, even bolstered with food and alcohol sales- but honestly, that’s not the reason this news saddens me. The real reason is that Visions was MY place, MY bar, MY movie theater. It was where I got a job when I arrived here, penniless. It’s where I rang up an $800 bar tab on my 26th birthday. It’s where almost everyone I know here worked at one point or another. I loved going there, I loved the people who worked there, I felt at home there. But no home lasts forever, I guess?
Say goodbye to Visions for the next few days, til the landlord locks the doors and/or the booze runs out. 1927 Florida Ave NW. Now showing: Donnie Darko Director’s Cut, the Brown Bunny. All showings $5, and there are plenty of drink specials.


There are a bunch of festivals going on around town this weekend. Hopefully the weather will hold out…
Greek Festival:
Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church
16th and Upshar, NW
Friday – Sunday, Sept. 17th-19th from noon until 9pm
Turkish Festival:
Freedom Plaza (Penn. Ave.)
Sunday, Sept. 19th, 10am – 9pm
Scottish Heritage Festival:
Ft. Ward Park, Alexandria (4301 West Braddock Road)
Sunday, Sept. 19th, 9:30am-5pm

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