Beware of the Unisex Bathroom

I thought that when the television show “Ally McBeal” went away, so would the concept of unisex bathrooms. Not so fast. The new and improved Cafe Asia on 17th and I is keeping the glory of the unisex bathroom alive.
I only share this with you so that you’re not caught off guard if you happen to be at Cafe Asia and, eh-hem, need to excuse yourself. I was caught off guard and it wasn’t pretty. By “caught off guard”, I mean I went into the bathroom not knowing that it was unisex, saw a gentleman washing his hands at the sink, ran back to my table to tell my friends that, omg, there’s a man in the bathroom(!!!), took a deep breath and ventured back in to win the gold medal at my first ever unisex bathroom Olympics.
Post script. The existence of the unisex bathroom at Cafe Asia does not take away from the fact that they have $1 sushi appetizers during happy hour.

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  1. big boy (unregistered) on July 14th, 2005 @ 9:39 am

    What, you’re shocked by a unisex bathroom in Dupont? Honey, you need to get out more. Almost all of the bathrooms in Dupont Circle are unisex, and all are after 10-ish or so on any given night.

    Some of the newer bars & such don’t even use M or F signs on the door, being a form of sexual discrimination and all. I mean, if you have to define M or F, where would the drag queens or trannies go?

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