The Buckethead Report

Just a few words about the Buckethead concert at the 930 club last night. After about 90 million beers at the Big Hunt with the guys, I made my way down to the 930 to meet my girlfriend. While some would say 90 million beers would skew one’s perception, I say it merely readied my brain for one of the most mind-altering guitar performances ever in history. Buckethead and his bandmates played a solid 2-hour set demonstrating some of the fastest, tightest, most precise playing of instruments I’ve ever seen. Without a doubt Buckethead is the best precision guitar player living today. Show highlights were Buckethead taking Zepplin, Sabbath, Aerosmith and Hendrix to task by imitating then besting them. Also watching his hands turn to blurs as he worked the frets of his guitar neck faster than a hummingbird. Buckthead was accompanied by Brain, the drummer, Butthouse, the bassist, a talking zombie head, 2 stuffed chickens and of course his ever-present nun-chucks.
The show was a one of a kind treat, especially for DC-er’s since it was sans openers and therefore an hour longer than anywhere else.

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