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Metro Above Ground Service Halted And More About The Snow Apocalypse

My roommate Caroline is so cute when she tries to rake snow.

My roommate is so cute when she tries to rake snow.

I woke up early this morning to my phone- my mom was calling me because she heard that Washington, DC might get a little snow today.

That was an understatement.

I was still nestled in my bed and I told her that I already experienced the snowfall as I was driving home from Alexandria. There was a good amount of snowfall and I was stuck driving on the GW Parkway behind an entire convoy of dump truck plows.

After talking with my mom I decided to look outside and I saw two things: snow, and my roommate trying to sweep away the snow using a rake.

That was the first lesson I learned: next time make sure we have snow shovels.

I’m originally from New England so I’m not too phased by snow, it’s the reason I always carry a compact snow shovel and brush in my trunk. However I forgot that since I moved into Arlington, I should of thought of buying a snow shovel. I avoided the bread and milk rush but I a shovel would of been a good idea.

But it was funny watching my roommate rake snow.

Besides making sure you have a shovel I thought I’d share some other things I’ve noticed through all the social media buzz about snOMG.

Metro is not running above ground

It was just announced that the Metrobus and Metrorail system will close above ground operations at 1 P.M. With snowfall rising above 8 inches, Metro believes that by 1 PM the third rail that powers the cars will be fully covered.

Here’s the modified schedule the trains will run:

Yellow Line – Service from Pentagon to Crystal City only

Red Line – Service between Medical Center and Union Station only

Orange Line – Service between Ballston and Stadium-Armory only

Green Line – Service between Fort Totten and Congress Heights only

Blue Line – Service between Ballston (extended to Blue Line) and Stadium-Armory only

Everything is canceled

Virginia is in a state of emergency and I’ve already seen everything in Arlington county close down. I wouldn’t be surprised if everything where you are around is canceled as well. So make sure you go online and check websites if you have plans you are still committing to today and tonight. For instance I just received word that Ford’s Theatre is canceling tonight’s performance of A Christmas Carol. If you were expecting to go to a show or concert make sure you check ahead. Also it looks like the Smithsonian will be closed all weekend and flights in and out of DC are grounded.

Leave no man behind in the snow

I’ve seen a lot of messages and tweets mentioning the DC Hypothermia Watch Partner Program. If you see any of DC’s homeless residents outside, you can call the Emergency Hypothermia Hotline (800 535-7252) and a van will pick-up homeless people left outside and transport them to a local shelter.

Washington D.C. is under a snow emergency

Mayor Adrian Fenty has declared a snow emergency as of 7 a.m. and that means several things that will affect parking and transportation.

You can still drink

Some of you may have stocked up on Milk, Bread, and Beer and plan on drinking your way through the weekend. Those in Clarendon (like me) also have another option. Liberty Tavern is offering a happy hour between 2-5 today for those that mention they are there to watch the snow with the Capital Weather Gang. Luckily I can easily walk me way to there from my place.

And just remember, it’s been almost a year since Obama called us wimpy when it comes to snow.


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