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Obama Comes Home Under Calm Of Night

"Marine One" courtesy of Flickr user Leon

"Marine One" courtesy of Flickr user Leon

Sunday night I was safe in my home in Arlington, preparing for my fantasy baseball draft when I get a text message from my friend Michele. She is magically in town from Boston and wants to meet up and say hi. She was having dinner at Old Ebbitt Grill and we make plans to meet at The White House after her meal.

I drive into town and find a place to park (two very easy things to do on a Sunday night) and meet up at the rear on the South lawn side of The White House. As we walk around the perimeter and catch up on things we notice a flurry of fire trucks driving onto the grounds. I wonder if a housekeeper set something on fire while cleaning- but the sirens and lights weren’t on so I figure it wasn’t a big deal. We were then asked by the uniformed Secret Service to move along a bit faster- he was sealing off the perimeter. It was close to 11 PM and I figured it was typical routine to get people away from that end of the house.

As we complete a lap around the house we end up by The Treasury and Old Ebbitt Grill on 15th street. Just as we part ways for the night we begin to hear a loud noise coming from the White House. At first it sounded like heavy machinery but we realized it was a helicopter. I then realize it could be Marine One. After explaining to my friend how Obama spent the weekend at Camp David, snubbing the Gridiron Dinner, that it’s totally possible he maybe coming back from his weekend trip.

We then part ways, Michele hails a taxi to and I start walking towards my car on C street. I walk briskly in hopes of seeing the helicopter, or even better, President Obama. As I get onto the Ellipse I arrive just in time to see Marine One fly over my head and into the night sky. The firetrucks then proceed to leave and everything returns to normal.

If I had a quicker wit I would of saw a pretty cool night arrival. Oh well, if I was really interested in catching a glimpse at Obama I’d be checking Trail Obama.

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