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Daily DC Item: DC Doesn’t Have Swine Flu Yet, Busy Exporting Measles

"Oink" courtesy Flickr user RougeAngel

"Oink" courtesy Flickr user RougeAngel

Walking around in the nice weather I noticed that my eyes were a tad itchy and my nose got a tad runny. Thank goodness they were simply my allergies acting up and none of the scary diseases on the loose right now.

Last week measles has been spreading around the area and the city has been working hard to keep it under control. So far it appears the best we could do is to direct it towards another state. I’m not a big fan of Missouri anyways. In all seriousness, you should make sure you weren’t in one of the at-risk areas and keep an eye out if you do develop symptoms (rash, high fever, cough, runny nose, or red, watery eyes.) Hmmm I hope I don’t have measles (luckily I’ve had my MMR.)

Of course just before we can squash one outbreak, we are busy preparing for another. The hot topic I’ve heard around friends this weekend was Swine Flu. It’s spread to the US after an outbreak in Mexico and now DC is taking measures to prepare themselves. Luckily no cases have been reported in the area so far.

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