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Mayor Adrian Fenty and Barack Obama

Mayor Fenty is good friends with Barack Obama. He is one of Obama’s big city mayoral endorsements. So naturally one has to wonder if people like he and Newark, NJ Mayor Cory Booker will end up in a potential Obama administration, right? Says Mayor Fenty: “This is the one thing that I would not do if President Obama asked me.”

The one thing he would not do if Obama asked him. The only thing? NBC Washington commenter Linda weighs in: “Obama has done everything right so far. Why would he ever entertain having such a loser in his administration. We don’t want him either. Be reminded he didn’t even show up for the roll call at the Democratic  Convention.”

During my time in the tri-state area, I was a witness to some of Obama’s interactions with Cory Booker. I also saw Obama’s friendship with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick develop. I have always gotten the impression that Obama believes in having strong Democrats in power in as many different places at possible. I would be shocked if Obama appointed any local or state officials to his administration. He will likely appoint from the national level for high level positions, and reserve lower level positions for those who got him elected. That is, if he wins.

What do you think?

9/12 In DC: Sketchy Packages, Metro Delays, Education Spending

  • This morning the busy Orange and Blue lines were shut down for more than an hour and a half after a suspicious package was reported to Metro officials. Though the all-clear was given at 7am, delays have persisted throughout the day.
  • Expect delays on the Metro system to only become more numerous this weekend, as the Yellow Line bridge over the Potomac River will be closed for inspection and maintenance. Though all riders are encouraged by Metro to use Blue Line and the fancy extra trains it has been given to handle the demand, Yellow Line will be available throughout the weekend to handle local traffic from Huntington to Arlington Cemetery.
  • Mayor Adrian Fenty just unveiled a new $1.3 billion dollar plan to upgrade DC’s schools. The plan is aimed at improving natural lighting, air quality, and acoustics. Since that costs more than a billion dollars to do. “Researchers” say that the improvements could lift test scores, I say that the $1.3 billion dollars would be better spent trying to increase DC’s appalling! 56% graduation rate.
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