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More Traffic Woes Hit I-66 This Morning

I was really frustrated yesterday when my evening commute was delayed thanks to gridlock downtown caused by malfunctioning traffic lights.

Looks like those coming into DC from out west will be feeling the same pain. From the Washington Post:

A multi-vehicle accident has closed some lanes of eastbound Interstate 66 this morning between Centreville and Manassas, with rush-hour traffic backing up and a trickle of vehicles squeezing by, officials said.

A staffer at the Virginia Department of Transportation’s Smart Traffic Center said the accident involved five cars and a tractor trailer, between mile markers 48 and 49. Several people were reportedly injured and taken to local hospitals for treatment.

Daily DC Item: I-66 Gets Wider

"Traffic" courtesy Flickr user mvjantzen

"Traffic" courtesy Flickr user mvjantzen

When I was growing up in Massachusetts I always hated Route 3. It was a two lane  North/South highway that connected New Hampshire and the suburban region where I lived with Boston. It was often packed during rush hour but was much emptier on the weekends.

Moving to Arlington I had the same feelings about I-66- except it’s always in a state of congested. This past weekend I was driving out to Tyson’s Corner and had to sit through the jam packed stretch from Arlington to Sycamore St. Looking at how many cars were out there I know I wasn’t the only one that wasn’t happy with the commute.
So you can imagine how happy I was to see that there has been some steps taken towards a widening of I-66 westbound. Yesterday I read a Washington Post article on the Capital Region Transportation Planning Board’s decision to reverse their original stance and allow phase one of a three phase widening of I-66 to go forward.
Now don’t get too excited, it looks like a completed project is years away but I was happy to hear that somebody is actually trying to do that.

I am a big fan of widening efforts- when that Route 3 road back home added a lane it made a huge difference to traffic. While I don’t think it’s the absolute answer I hope it does make some sort of impact to weekend and non-peak traffic.
What do you think? I’m interested in hearing some of the arguments against.

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