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DC Based Earth Aid Wants To Pay You To Save Energy

case-studyI’ve recently become a fan of the Lifehacker blog, where I can find all sorts of tips and tricks for, “getting things done.”

So when I heard about Earth Aid (not to be confused with Live Aid), a website service that tracks your monthly utility usage, I thought it would be a good tool for analyzing and reducing costs. But when I heard that that the DC based service will also pay you when you do reduce your energy usage, it instantly caught my attention.

The service is simple enough, you sign up and register your home’s utilities info. Earth Aid then creates a baseline based on the past year’s usage and will continue to track and provide you with a one-stop shop of your home’s utility information. If you manage to reduce your energy usage, Earth Aid will mail you a check based on how much energy you managed to save! Not only do you get paid for reducing the amount of energy you use, the planet also benefits from reduced energy usage. Everybody is a winner in this plan! Also did I mention that using the service is free?

Sounds too good to be true right? A recent story on Earth Aid in the Washington Post explains where Earth Aid gets the money to offer this service:

The premise of Earth Aid is that reductions in household energy use are valuable not only to us in the form of lower utility bills, but also potentially to companies that want to buy credits to offset their own carbon footprints. Earth Aid bundles your energy savings over the course of a year and then sells them off — returning the profit to the consumer minus a brokerage fee.

As the person that manages the utilities at my home, this sounds like a service I may have to check out.

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