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Summer = Baseball, Apple Pie, and Congressional Interns?

photo courtesy Flickr user jGregor

Photo courtesy Flickr user jGregor

This month marks the 3rd year since I made the transition from lowly college intern to full-time young professional.

I don’t know how I managed life without a 401k and bills to pay.

It didn’t occur to me that summertime meant intern time for The District, as a Massachusetts native most of us just spent out summers getting drunk and rooting for the Sox. It does make sense, much like the tourists that flock upon our city in February on, hoards of students fresh off their latest semester haze come down upon DC, ready to do some exciting work to bolster that resume.

Perhaps the funny way I’m learning about Intern season if from the up and rising blog, DC Interns. The blog collects stories of the young and naive as they struggle to learn Metro etiquette, the proper way to walk down the hall, and how to dress for the job. The site is only a few weeks old but everyone is talking about it.

The blog is entertaining as we condescendingly laugh at those below our pay grade that act like they are so cool because they work on the hill. The site’s creator writes, “we’ve all been there, we have all had an entry-level or intern position in DC – but we had it without your extreme sense of entitlement … and therein lies the difference.”

Is it a little high schoolish for the upperclassmen to make fun of the frosh? Probably. But isn’t it funny anyways? You betcha!

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