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Chris Cooley Offers Shelter, Friendship To Tiger Woods

It’s been a long holiday season for Tiger Woods. Besides managing a scandal involving a growing list of women, yesterday news came out linking Woods’ physician with performance enhancing drugs.

Tiger has been laying low throughout all of this, isolated from the entire world. However there is somebody that wants Tiger to know he is ready to support him- offering both support and a place to crash.

In a recent video from Redskins tight end Chris Cooley, the football star offers Tiger a place at the Cooley mansion, saying that he could bunk with fellow house guest and backup tight end Todd Yoder. Cooley lists things the two could do which includes putting up Christmas lights, making rap videos, and playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour.

“I knew he could just use a friend who has his back and is there for him- and that friend could be me,” says Cooley in his video invitation.


Cooley Scooped On His Own Injury By Adam Schefter

ChrisCooleyAnkleTwo things disappointed me about the Redskins loss this past Monday:

  1. Chris Cooley dyed his hair an extreme shade of blond, perhaps paying homage to Ochocinco.
  2. He broken his ankle early in the game and was feared to be out the rest of the season.

Despite the fact Cooley is one of the only bright spots on the disaster that is the Redskins, he’s my fantasy tight end on two of my five fantasy football teams. Good thing that the injury isn’t as bad as it seems, Chris’ brother Tanner reported on The Cooley Zone that Chris will need a few pins but could make, “a speedy recovery.” The post would of been news if Cooley wasn’t scooped by ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter who tweeted that Cooley could be back in 4 weeks.

Tanner tweeted a few hours ago that Chris has completed the operation and is all right (and was kind enough to post a photo)- but it doesn’t answer the question Tanner originally asked, “How do you get scooped on your own injury report?”

I am now convinced that Adam Schefter is just that good.

DC Video: Cooley Family Causes Some Training Camp Hijinks

Now that Redskins training camp is well underway it was only a matter of time before Chris and Tanner at The Cooley Zone started having some fun. Apparently Tanner (Chris’ brother) decided to steal Redskin’s quarterback Jason Campbell‘s helmet and practice jersey. Where it was then secretly paraded about the field while Tanner decides if he should sell it to the fans.


Let’s say Jason wasn’t happy, however oblivious to whom the culprit is, taking out his frustrations on an unnamed rookie.

Daily DC Item: Chris Cooley Burns A Cow

Chris Cooley Burns A CowMy first blog post here at Metblogs was on Chris Cooley embarassing himself on his blog.

Recently he hasn’t posted a lot of stuff that really caught my attention, to the point I was about to remove his RSS feed from my Google Reader.

But then this came along.

“We were cruising around on our new land in Wyoming the other day and we found an old dead cow. So we decided that we would get rid of it by setting it on fire. Needless to say, it was a success.”

That’s all I really gotta say. A cow fire?

I’m not an agricultural type so I’ll let you guys comment on if the act is ok or not, everybody else is already writing about it. Apparently it’s actually not that cruel of an act, the cow was already dead and it stops the spread of disease by burning it before it decomposes. That’s probably why they burned Darth Vader at the end of Return of the Jedi.

If the photos aren’t enough, Chris says he hopes to get a video up soon.

I wonder if Comcast will sponsor that video.

Is Chris Cooley The Next Bob Ross?

Redskins Tight End Chris Cooley may not be playing in the big game this weekend but he has other things to keep him busy til the Pro-Bowl February 8th.

It appears that the star football player and avid blogger has found a new hobby with painting. He has posted a couple of videos of himself talking about his current project. It looks like he’s got all the right tools from the palette to the canvas. I wonder what his bombshell wife thinks about him taking over the kitchen to paint.

So my question is- how good do you think his art is? I was asking people in my office and they think it’s terrible, however the comments on his blog says otherwise. I have no art sense so I’ll leave it to you guys to judge.

Chris is the New Bob Ross

Chris is the New Bob Ross 2

Cooley Exposes Himself For The Blogosphere

Cooley's Foreskins Logo

Cooley's running a different kind of site now.

I recently found out that Redskins Tight End Chris Cooley has his own blog. I checked it out and I thought it was really cool, he writes about all sorts of things from how he can punch through drywall to the fantasy football league he plays with other members of the Redskins.

I went on the other day to check in on the Redskins fantasy football league and at the top was an apology post for having a penis on the site. Now it has been awhile since I’ve visited the blog so I had no idea what he was talking about- but certainly wanted to know. A penis on a blog sparks the curiosity much like snakes on a plane.

After searching the news I found out that it appears that in a previous post where Cooley writes about his pre-game prep; posted a photo of his study materials on his lap.

Problem was that he happened to be naked and a little penis slipped into the photo.

That’s the problem of doing things naked- you are bound to get caught. I’ve done a lot of things naked but I don’t think studying was one of them (I had more fun things to do while in college.)

While I didn’t catch the snafu when it first happened the photo quickly traveling through the blogs and I was able to find the photo over at Deadspin (it’s been censored.)

Dan Steinberg over at the Washington Post has a complete account of how the incident and the resulting frenzy.

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