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Sports Guy Bill Simmons Finally Warms Up To Real World DC

As you know I am a fan of ESPN’s Bill Simmons and the B.S. Report podcast. Part of the excitement of covering the Real World DC this year was feeling included on Simmon’s podcasts on reality TV that he often does with Dave Jacoby, a fellow ESPN producer. Early on the season things looked bleak as Simmons considered the cast of this year’s season too young- struggling to get into the latest chapter of the granddaddy of all reality TV. However last week’s episode did enough not only to rekindle Simmons’ interest in the season, but to call up Jacoby to do an “emergency podcast” in order to dish about the episode. Here are the bullet points of the 2/26 podcast:

  • Jaocby compares The Real World DC to the 2009 New York Jets season: lacking until last week’s turning point.
  • Is there a theme of male vs. female relations?
  • Emily is described as, “tough on the outside, hollow on the inside”
  • The two watched Ty throw Andrew off the porch, “700-800 times” in order to get it straight
  • Ty has a charm with women similar to Mike Tyson
  • The cameramen never seem to get the best shots on reality TV- just the surveillance cameras
  • The two would love to see a show just of surveillance footage of convenience store hold-ups
  • Is there a conspiracy that MTV is holding out on some of the footage?
  • Josh really can’t sing (and I totally agree)
  • They love Callie, the kind of girl that’s pretty but has no self esteem and loves to drunk dial guys
  • Emily will dominate the RW/RR challenges

You can listen to the podcast over at the ESPN Podcenter Archives.

The Sports Guy Bill Simmons Kicks Off Book Tour In DC Tonight

9780345511768_500X500If you aren’t listening to Bill Simmons’ B.S. Report podcast, then you don’t know what you are missing.

Sports fans may know him as the ESPN columnist that’s a die-hard Boston sports fan (which appeals to me as a former Bostonian), I know him mainly from his daily podcasts that feature interviews with his friends, fellow writers, and the occasional GM or actor. His experience writing for the Jimmy Kimmel Show has given him a broad background and network that makes his podcasts entertaining for both fans of sports and pop culture.

So you can tell that I was thrilled to hear via Twitter that Simmons will be kicking off his book tour in Washington DC with a midnight signing at ESPN Zone. He’ll be there tonight to release his latest book, The Book of Basketball: The NBA According to The Sports Guy, and he’ll be signing copies that you can purchase or you can bring in your own copies to be signed (he’s already recommended going to Amazon or Wal-Mart to get the best deals.)

So if you want to know where I’ll be tonight, I’ll be the one with the Red Sox cap standing in line downtown- however I have a feeling there’ll be a lot of Boston caps in line, maybe I should wear my Nationals hat instead.

UPDATE: It was great to shake The Sports Guy’s hand and get him to sign my copy of the book with an insult to my Alma Mater (which neighbors his Alma Mater of Holy Cross.) The event was so big that they didn’t have enough books for everyone, and the line rounded the corner and went down three blocks- glad to see DC has a lot of Bill Simmons fans!

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