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WGA Throws Pre-WHCA Bash At Newseum

Courtesy of WGA-East

Courtesy of WGA-East

Well tonight is the annual White House Correspondents Dinner, the dinner is known for more humorous moments such as Stephen Colbert ranting on the podium, and Karl Rove showing off his rapping skills. Tonight Wanda Sykes will be on the mic and I’m very interested to see how she does- I don’t think she’s holding back any punches.

The glitz and glam isn’t limited to the dinner tonight, there will be a slew of pre and post parties all weekend, just check out Politico for their party guide.

I had the opportunity of being invited to the WGA East’sWriters Speak!” event last night at the Newseum. I checked out the party with Rachel from Rachel, Rachel I’ve been thinking. She’ll be putting up a guest post on her take of the event later next week.

The place was packed as Hollywood and Washington came together for some stand-up comedy and a panel featuring  TV writers. The panel included J.R. Havlan (The Daily Show With Jon Stewart), Bill Scheft (Late Show With David Letterman), Anthony Jeselnick (Late

Anthony Jeselnick (Late Night With Jimmy Fallon) Courtesy of WGA-East

Anthony Jeselnick (Late Night With Jimmy Fallon) Courtesy of WGA-East

Night With Jimmy Fallon), Matt Goldich (Best Week Ever), Tim Carvell (The Daily Show With Jon Stewart), Opus Moreschi (The Colbert Report), Tom Ruprecht (Late Show With David Letterman), and Allison Abner (The West Wing)- the night was promised as a, “A Potentially Regrettable Evening With Comedy Writers”, but it will be one I won’t be forgetting too soon.

Daily DC Item: If Obama Likes Hell Burger- Maybe I Do Need To Give It Another Try

Photo by Roger L. Wollenberg / pool / Getty Images

Photo by Roger L. Wollenberg / pool / Getty Images

“Definitely just saw Obama at Ray’s Hell burger. F Yes.”

Those the words I saw yesterday afternoon on Clinton Yates’ twitter account.

As I read those words I thought about dropping my things and running over to the Rosslyn establishment from my Court House office, however logic kicked in: Hell Burger is typically busy on a normal afternoon, what kind of place would it be if Barack Obama and Joe Biden walked in and had lunch? I wouldn’t of gotten anywhere close. At least I’m sure it wasn’t anything like the time a fictional Bill Clinton visited McDonald’s. I do have to say that I am at least jealous of my co-worker Kristen who was coincidentally next door at that time.

Linda Feldman over at the Christian Science Monitor has the best account of Obama & Biden’s last minute lunch out.

According to the daily guidance lunch was supposed to be, “in the Oval Office, closed press.”

But around 12:30 PM the White House Press Pool was assembled and put into a motorcade that took them to Rosslyn. It looked like Obama and Biden wanted to go somewhere new for lunch.

Feldman describes Hell Burger as, “a joint so new it still doesn’t have a sign up.” Ray’s has been opened since July 2008 which made me wonder if it will ever get a sign now that Ray’s The Steaks moved to Court House.

Courtesy AP/Huffington Post

Photo by AP/Huffington Post

Obama and Biden walked in the front door, the press came in the back; and I could only imagine the look on a patron’s face when they see the President & Vice President wait in line with you to order a burger. In what could only be described as classy, Obama turned to the Press Pool and offered to buy everybody lunch and just like a good Commander-in-Chief does, he delegated Caren Bohan of Reuters to take everyone’s orders.

After warning that they were going to order food for here and to-go, Obama let Biden toss in his order: a Swiss cheese burger with jalapeno peppers and a Root Beer. Obama then ordered a basic cheddar cheeseburger with mustard (spicy mustard if you got it), lettuce and tomato. When he inquired about fries he learned what many Hell Burger patrons already knew: they don’t do fries.

I wonder if the President asks for fries, do you just make fries?

Luckily the manager pitched him on the tater tots and he agreed on that instead.

They both paid for their orders in cash- with Obama picking up the tab for the pool.

“We’re paying, or these people [the pool] are gonna write about how we’re free-loading,” Obama said when the management offered to pick-up the bill.

Obama also threw a five-spot into the tip jar.

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

Photo by AP/Charles Dharapak

They were then served at a table by the chef (curious how there was magically a table free when usually the place is packed at 12:30, but then again when you are the President things can be arranged…), if you take a look at the video they had table tent #42- too bad #44 wasn’t available.

They were back a little after 1:00 P.M- a very efficient lunch if I may say so myself.

Now after remaining on the fence on Hell Burger– I guess I should give it yet another try now that it’s been Obama-approved. However Hell Burger was popular enough pre-Obama, will it go the way of Ben’s Chili Bowl now that it’s been graced by The President?

Daily DC Item: Metblogs Meetup At Nats Opening Day

Yesterday the DC Metblogs crew was out in force to enjoy Opening Day at Nationals Park. The 0-6 Nats finally returned from their season starting road trip to face the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies.


The view walking down half street, I was excited to see so many people come out for the game! Frank and I joked earlier that we could of seen Marlins like numbers.


I enjoyed seeing this wrapping since I could probably answer that it wasn’t Half Street. I’m really dissapointed that the area still isn’t developed into the bustling new neighborhood that we expected.


I thought I’ve seen these new statues late last season but I still don’t know what to think about the weird artwork that now welcomes patrons into the park.


Some of the improvements made to Nationals Park this year includes an expansion to the center field restaurant, definitely a plus for those looking to take a break from the game.


The stadium was pretty packed however the team still has a problem with selling those behind the plate seats.


Before the game there was a moment of silence before the game for Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas, who died in the broadcast booth hours before the game. That team actually considered cancelling the game but decided to go on with the show. Metblogs sends it’s thoughts and prayers to Kalas’ family.

Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

President Obama wasn’t around for the first pitch so Military representatives tossed the pitch instead.


This is the view from the Suite I watched the game in- unfortunately DC Council members couldn’t enjoy the experience like I did.

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

It wasn’t a great Opening Day for the Nats. Despite an early offensive showing, I was already yelling at Anderson Hernandez by the 2nd inning. The Nats lose to the Phillies in a game that wasn’t as close as the score would indicate.


However the Metblogs crew enjoyed a drink in the Lincoln Suites and we had a fun time all around. Frank and I have access to season tickets so it will only be the first of many losses that we’ll be watching all summer long!

Puppy Watch: The World Can Now Breathe- The Obamas Have A New Puppy!

0412_obama_dog1This past weekend as I was walking around the Newsuem I came across an series of coin collecting tubes with a display on possible non-allergenic breeds that President Obama could choose to become the lucky new puppy for Malia and Sasha. Apparently the Museum of News was holding a public penny war to see who visitors wanted as first pet. Seeing how I had to pay $20 to get into the Newsuem I wasn’t about to give them more cash.

However after I got home I saw that I had to wonder about the Presidential Puppy no more. I first saw the Politico article that cited that the Washington Post was given the exclusive story in exchange for keeping quiet on another exclusive that was given to the New York Times- news that the White House was going to plant a vegetable garden.

Ok so let me get this straight, The White House had to keep the Washington Post away from that uber hot vegetable garden story that they already promised to The Times, so they give The Post the Puppy story… wow it’s like anything this administration touches is gold in a newsworthy sense. I wonder who will get the scoop on Obama’s choice of basketball when he has those weekend pick-up games.

The White House wanted to have a big debut on Tuesday but it looks like The Internet is at it again with their news leaks. A website sprouted up called First Dog Charlie and the site had leaked photos of the dog, complete with Hawaiian Lei. TMZ is already all over it calling the event Puppygate.

So here’s what you need to know, the Puppy is a Portuguese water dog named Bo. He was a gift from the family of Senator Ted Kennedy. The Obamas originally said they wanted to get a dog from a shelter but they will be instead making a donation to the D.C. Humane Society.

Welcome to DC Bo!

Daily DC Item: Michelle Obama Is SO Hot

photo courtesy ABC News

photo courtesy ABC News

1:20 PM Me:
1:21 PM Krissy: omg dont send me propaganda

Yesterday I was talking with my co-worker about the growing popularity of Michelle Obama. While my other co-workers are writing about how overexposed Barack Obama may be, you can’t also deny that the First Lady is also turning heads with those sleeveless fashions and killer arms.

That’s all coming on the heels of a report I just saw in the Politico that reports that Michelle has a high approval rating that Barack. I don’t see too much in it since both have heads and shoulders ratings above our last President.

More proof that President Obama might be the Kennedy for a new generation- and Michelle is our Jackie O.

Obama Comes Home Under Calm Of Night

"Marine One" courtesy of Flickr user Leon

"Marine One" courtesy of Flickr user Leon

Sunday night I was safe in my home in Arlington, preparing for my fantasy baseball draft when I get a text message from my friend Michele. She is magically in town from Boston and wants to meet up and say hi. She was having dinner at Old Ebbitt Grill and we make plans to meet at The White House after her meal.

I drive into town and find a place to park (two very easy things to do on a Sunday night) and meet up at the rear on the South lawn side of The White House. As we walk around the perimeter and catch up on things we notice a flurry of fire trucks driving onto the grounds. I wonder if a housekeeper set something on fire while cleaning- but the sirens and lights weren’t on so I figure it wasn’t a big deal. We were then asked by the uniformed Secret Service to move along a bit faster- he was sealing off the perimeter. It was close to 11 PM and I figured it was typical routine to get people away from that end of the house.

As we complete a lap around the house we end up by The Treasury and Old Ebbitt Grill on 15th street. Just as we part ways for the night we begin to hear a loud noise coming from the White House. At first it sounded like heavy machinery but we realized it was a helicopter. I then realize it could be Marine One. After explaining to my friend how Obama spent the weekend at Camp David, snubbing the Gridiron Dinner, that it’s totally possible he maybe coming back from his weekend trip.

We then part ways, Michele hails a taxi to and I start walking towards my car on C street. I walk briskly in hopes of seeing the helicopter, or even better, President Obama. As I get onto the Ellipse I arrive just in time to see Marine One fly over my head and into the night sky. The firetrucks then proceed to leave and everything returns to normal.

If I had a quicker wit I would of saw a pretty cool night arrival. Oh well, if I was really interested in catching a glimpse at Obama I’d be checking Trail Obama.

Is It Ok For Obama To Be Funny?



When I get excited about something, a YouTube video I love, a song that is stuck in my head, a hot new anchor on CNBC, I like to tell everyone about it. It’s how I deal with being excited about something.

So when I wrote about President Barack Obama doing a cool segment on ESPN where he picked a bracket, I also posted it on a  message board and sent the link to a bunch of people. While my friends thought it was fun I noticed that I got a lot of flak here and on the message boards. The most common shot was that in the face of the recession, the President shouldn’t be in the media doing anything but working on our problems.

I thought it was interesting that this same week, two articles in the Poltico came out that lends views on this subject. Carlos Lee writes a piece on the humor of President Obama, and includes a reel of some of the jokes he’s cracked during speeches and press conferences. The other piece was an Andie Coller article on the recent media appearnces of The President, which includes the earlier mentioned ESPN segment as well as his interview on The Tonight Show.

Now I understand people’s morale with the current economic climate, they want to see a leader that’s working hard, not hardly working. But what I liked about the Coller piece is that it really deeply explores all angles of the story and notes on the risks of an approach such as Obama’s. We are already seeing some fallout about his crack on The Special Olympics. I like Coller’s idea that Obama needs to do these things to, “him build trust and personal capital with an audience he’s less likely to connect with through his weekly radio address.”

Not everybody is concerned or knowledgeable about current events like us Washingtonians. Obama was able to win the election by being able to reach across many groups of people- and he’s trying to do the same thing to reach out and get the support for the initiatives he’s pushing through.

You have to realize that President Obama has a busy schedule and that these appearances in reality are only a drop in the bucket. While you see him on ESPN for 15 minutes. That was a 15 minute break in between two meetings. The segment was shot on St. Patrick’s day- and if you look at his schedule, he did a whole lot more than a quick hit on ESPN. He met with committees, his cabinet, and was delivering remarks at receptions up until late night. I believe you and I were at home by the time he was done his day.

So what do you think? Because we’re all sad about the times means that he shouldn’t be friendly, optimistic, and open until things are better?

Daily DC Item: Obama Makes His Pick For March Madness


Pete Souza for

On the day millions stop working and start tuning into the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, I thought I’d let you know that you won’t be the only one tuning in. Tuesday afternoon Obama met with ESPN’s Andy Katz to show America his picks for the tournament. He even said he’ll be keeping track of the scores as the tournament starts up. “I think the chances are high,” President Obama answered when asked by Katz if he’ll be sneaking a peek at the games.

In Katz’s related story on ESPN you can see that President Obama sought council from his cabinet, most notable from Press secretary Robert Gibbs. ESPN even managed to get Obama’s original handwritten bracket so you can keep track of his picks at home. If you want to see all of his picks you should watch the video linked below, however you should know that he has already called out his top pick to, “not embarrass me in front of The Nation.” I wonder what kind of pressure you have to be feeling when The President tells you to win.

All I can say is that Obama is the coolest President ever. However I thought he just as cool when he filled out a bracket last year.

Watch the video of Barack Obama making his NCAA picks!

Daily DC Item: White House Goes Green & Obama Goes Irish

0317091804Some people were drinking green beer yesterday- others were drinking green water.

Well if you were the White House fountain you were enjoying green water, I learned from some a local DC blogger that the White House changed the color of the fountain to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The story in the Politico today confirms that and also reported more on the part Irish Barack Obama (3.1% Irish!)

Did anyone else see the White House fountain yesterday? I’m sure a lot of you were partaking in other activities or were you?

It is always hard to party when a drinking holiday such as this one occurs during the work week, I was keeping tabs on the posts over at Going Out Gurus where the bloggers encountered a morning of empty bars. They say that maybe the revelers aren’t morning people- and they might not be, but you can’t also factor in the fact the working citizens of DC might have been out if it was on a more convenient day.

The last interesting note of yesterday was Obama’s announcement of his nomination for U.S. Ambassador to Ireland: Dan Rooney, owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I hope he gets the gig and we see a few NFL games over on the Emerald Island.

Obama To Unveil Basketball Stimulus Package?

obama-basketballIt’s a responsibility that comes with being President of the United States. After Hurricane Andrew President George H.W. Bush visited Florida in 1992 and promised that help was on the way. President George W. Bush surveyed New Orleans and hopefully proved to Kanye West that he doesn’t hate black people. Now it’s time for Barack Obama to evaluate and reach out to another disaster that is in desperate need of help: The Washington Wizards.

While rumors have been buzzing about whether Obama will be at the Verizon Center at tonight’s Chicago Bulls game, signs point that it may be a possibility. He is going to meet with his hometown team this afternoon at the White House and Wizards season ticket holders have been e-mailed warnings that there will be increased security and delays for those parking at the arena.

He missed a chance to see The Bulls back in December so it makes sense that he would be at tonight’s game to cheer on his team, while also realizing that The Wizards could benefit from some extra draft picks in that economic package he’s working on. Do you think the Wizards will be a little extra effort in tonight if they knew The President was in the house?

UPDATE: The President did show up and The Wizards managed to perform, pulling off a win against his hometown Bulls.


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