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Arlington County Police Needs To Check Blind Spot

I was at the Taste of Columbia Pike this afternoon for a work event. It wasn’t that bad, there was a large crowd of locals and lots of entertainment mostly consisting of different groups of dancers (the Saffron Belly Dancers were very nice to watch.)

So I  was standing around with some co-workers chatting it up while watching these women twirl around with their bare mid-drifts. All of a sudden I hear a guy yell “watch out!” which was then followed by a loud thump. Sounds like someone wasn’t watching out.

I turned to see an Arlington County Police Cruiser back into a parked car.

Typically the Police resolve an accident- not cause it.

It wasn’t a huge deal, just some paint left on the other car but I had to say I was amused to see the officiers exchange information and take photos. It makes me wonder what happens a police officier gets into a fender bender.

Neighborhood Day Street Closures

From Arlington Alert:

The Arlington County Police Department will close several streets in the Clarendon, Courthouse, and Rosslyn neighborhoods on Saturday, May 10, 2008, for the Battle of the Boulevard 10K Race and the annual Neighborhood Day Parade.

The Battle of the Boulevard Race and after-race activities will begin in Clarendon, at 9 am and finish at approximately noon.

The Neighborhood Day Parade will begin at Court House and proceed up Wilson Boulevard at 1 pm. It will end at Irving Street, at approximately 3:00 pm.

The streets that will be affected are listed below.

From 6 am to 3 pm:

*Clarendon Blvd. from Washington Blvd. to Highland Street
(Clarendon Blvd. will have a sound stage set up on it, from 7 am to 3 pm. The road will open when the stage is removed)

*Wilson Blvd. from Washington Blvd. to N. Highland Street

*N. Highland St. from Clarendon Blvd. to Wilson Blvd.

From 8 am to 11 am:

*Wilson Blvd. from Highland Street to Rt. 110 North @ I-395


Blood Drive This Saturday – Come Save A Life!

Kemper Macon Ware Lodge in Falls Church will be hosting a blood drive for the Red Cross this Saturday from 8:30 a.m. until noon. Yep, it’s a Masonic Lodge but you don’t have to be a Mason to come save a life by giving of your own. Come on down and make a difference. The Lodge is located at 411 Little Falls Street in Falls Church.

Not sure about this whole blood donation thing? You can learn more about the process here and get a lot of your questions answered. Saving a life is a great reason to get up and out that early on a Saturday morning. Why not join me?

Plans for the Weekend

Orange by Carl Weaver PhotographyAre you the type of person who starts thinking about weekend plans around 4:30 on Friday or do you start planning Monday morning when you say hi to your homies and play catch-up at the water cooler? Me, I like to keep an open mind all week and see what develops, but this weekend is a bit special because I am donating blood on Saturday, which I am a bit embarrassed to say is something I have not done before, and then on Sunday I am leading a photography class, something I look forward to and have not done in a while. It’s good to get back in the groove with teaching and sharing and hope to do many future classes.

How much of your weekend is planned this early in the week? What’s going on in your neck of the woods that we should all know about?

Photo of Orange by Carl Weaver Photography

Arlingtonians Pumping a Handcart to Hell

Murky Coffee (Arlington, not the former one in DC) was rather packed today, full of people who should have been in church for some salvation, rather than at Murky for a double breve half-skimaccino. I swear, folks – do you like the crackle of hell fire? Do you relish being enveloped by the stench of brimstone?

Here’s what you do, folks. Next year, come Easter, go to church instead of the coffee place. Leave the coffee for those of us heathens who are likely condemned anyway. Save yourself! I will gladly take your place in line, saving you from damnation, and as a reward for my selfless act, I will also obtain entrance into heaven. Everyone wins, and for once it will not be so darned crowded at Murky.

Photo: Fire of Hell Originally uploaded by muneeb_sami

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