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Quick and Dirty Weatherization

Antarctica, courtesy of MODIS

Antarctica on 12 Jan 08, courtesy of MODIS

Okay, it’s cold. Not quite Antarctica, but I turned a corner this morning and I swear it felt like it.

While it’s too late to take advantage of the Weatherization Assistance Program, here are some quick and dirty tips for staying warmer at home.

  • Find the one or two worst leaks and plug them.  The best way to figure out where the cold air is getting in is to do a walk around your house holding a tissue draped over a wire hanger.  You can tack up a blanket or plastic sheet during the cold snap, or roll up a towel against the door gap.
  • Optimize the fuel you’re using for heat. In general, you want to use more liquid fuel (natural gas, kerosene) and less electricity (baseboard heaters), and really, wood in the fireplace is not really for heat.  (Though wood is a lot better than storebought wax-and-sawdust logs, which are only for the pretteh.)  Whichever you choose, remember that convection (ie, a fan) can triplify the results.
  • Clean the dust of out intake and blower vent louvers.  This is a quick way to make your furnace work less hard.  Also, run a vacuum cleaner over your furnace filter.  Closing doors and covering some vents can also decrease the load on the furnace.
  • Put on a sweater.  You know that mom was right.  Put on some warm socks, too.  (I myself have been known to wear fingerless gloves when working on the computer.)

Finally, I recommend making soup — face it, going out to eat over the next few days is going to be traumatic.  A nice pot of hot soup on the stove can warm you inside and out.

Stay warm, DC!

Don’t Drive Drunk

Don’t drink and drive also please wear your seat belt.

December is the most dangerous month when most of people get killed or life time injured by accidents.
I do not care where ever you go, when ever you go, we all know time location and our work all is important but think.
Is your life is not important ???
Your children are also important…
When you are at the driving seat, you are responsible of all people who are sitting with you, so tell them WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT OR GET OFF FROM THE CAR !!!!
Must View:
If I can wear it than why cant you ?
Seat Belt Picture by WK

Seat Belt Picture by WK

Lose Child in the car, this could be her last trip, she was making face when I took her picture, so cute to lose…

Lose Child - Picture by WK

Lose Child - Picture by WK

Can you feal the pain ?
Injured in Car Accident - Picture from Flickr

Injured in Car Accident - Picture from Flickr

Drive Slow in Winter.
Picture from Flickr

Picture from Flickr

This could be your future house for the life time, so the choise is yours, do you want to wear the seatbelt and drive safe or this bed is waiting for you.

Picture from Flickr

Picture from Flickr

Bad Weather: Bring Your Gamp

Summer official ended this morning at about 3 am.  Leaves have been falling steadily all day, the wind is chill, and the air is damp.  The weekend looks to be perfect for outdoor activities, but don’t forget your “gamp” next week!

gamp (a word that I heard today that I am compelled to share with you)
n. – A large umbrella, a reference to Mrs. Sally Gamp, who always carried a large umbrella in Dickens’s Martin Chuzzlewit.

Tents Collapse on Mall, Injure Those Seeking Shelter

If you’ve driven up 14th St near the Mall this week, you’ve seen all the tents on The Mall. They’re part of the soon-to-happen Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Today, they were needed as shelter as a major league thunderstorm rolled through the District of Columbia. From where I was in Clarendon, they looked an awful lot like a hurricane or an apocalypse, not like a heavy weather system. Breaking News On is reporting that those tents have collapsed, injuring a number of people caught beneath them during the storm. NBC4 is reporting that no one was critically injured in the storm.

Dominion Power is reporting close to 100,000 are without power currently.

I got home this afternoon shortly after the worst of the storm had hit, and there were several large tree branches down, and this oak tree, snapped in half is just a block over.

The most likely timing for storms will between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Photo courtesy of ™bluhousworker

That’s the word from Capital Weather, talking about today’s severe weather that we’re being warned about by NOAA. Most probable at 45% is damaging winds with hail being less likely at 30%. Tornadoes only get a 2% shot but I still wouldn’t do my kite-flying today.

Here’s hoping this is just an anomaly early in the season, but CW points out that normally there’s 1 or 2 of these NOAA warnings a year and at June’s midpoint we’ve had 4 so far now. Yuck. It’s moving west to east, so you might see it sooner or later than the 3 to 8 window depending on where you are in the area. Be careful out there.

Washington DC storm, courtesy of ™bluhousworker

Still there?

A Rainy Night at the Ballpark

Hopefully you haven’t all washed away in the heavy weather. I saw Tom twitter that he could hear hail but I didn’t hear anything other than a hard rain at my house. It came and went here even quicker than the sudden downpour that showed up Saturday night mere moments before we walked out of the stadium. I’m happy to say we managed to stay under cover both times, though I did brave last night’s initial sprinkles in order to do some grilling.

Go Away Summer

Hot Sun

Is it seriously summer already? Hold on, let me Google that. Oh hey! It’s not.

Could have fooled me though. This is August weather. In June. What kind of cruel joke is Mother Nature trying to play on us?

This reminds me of the weather we had in ‘Nam during the war. I remember it like it was yesterday. The swift boat dropped John Kerry and I off on the banks of the Poo Nahnee river and we had to cut our way through the humidity with our machetes. We had to tie rolls of Bounty to our heads to mop up the constant stream of sweat. We got heat stroke so many times that our reality was more like a dreamworld than our dreamworld was. Hah – one time when we were crossing the Moo Goo Gai Pan river under sniper fire, John tried to windsurf across on a crocodile. Silly ivy leaguer. I came to his rescue and beat the bajeezus out of that croc with the butt of my gun, but lost it along with three fingers and a buttock in the process. I had to retrofit a potato gun I’d bought at Wall Drug on a family vacation into a tofu gun. Now you know why I’ll never be a vegan.

I’ve had enough already! I want my dry, 75 degree days back. I want to be able to open my windows at night. I don’t want to have to take three showers every day. I don’t want to have to run my air conditioner around the clock. I don’t want my jeans to stick to me when I go out at night.

Go away, Summer.

The only lightning at Saturday’s game

Photo courtesy of Me

Otherwise, not so impressive a game.

The Storm that Just Won’t Die

Picture 5.pngThe storm that soaked us all last weekend, brought down limbs all over town, and gave us a good 6″ of much-needed rain and some very wet English Basement apartments in the District also gave us some amazing pictures out at Bethany Beach just over in Delaware.

Check out the May 2008 set, which seems to show a survey ship absolutely wrecked by some very unstable seas and caused some major erosion out at the shore. Yikes!

A distinction I could live without

Photo courtesy of maxedaperture

Capital Weather tells us that “May already ranks as the 5th wettest on record at DCA, and it’s less than half way into the month,” and I can honestly say – as my car sits in the parking lot with the top and windows down so that some of the water that leaked in can hopefully evaporate – that this is an honor I would happily refuse from the Academy.

We may not have to hold on to that trophy long, since CW also says that we’re looking at possible to probable rain from Thursday through Sunday. Since I can’t find their source data for those 4th through 1st wettest months, I don’t know how much more it would take to push us up into the next category. They can say it’s a good thing overall, but personally I’d like a chance to dry my sneakers.

I’d like a pony too, if anyone’s listening, but since nobody seems to be listening I’ll do what I’m suggesting you do: keep track of your umbrella.

Amphibious, courtesy of maxedaperture

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