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Snowiest Winter on Record

Wow. Have we all survived Snowmageddon? Snowpocalypse 2? Snoverkill? Well, we can certainly give ourselves an extra pat on the back, since it is officially the snowiest winter on record. All three major airports (DCA, IAD, BWI) reported record snowfall during the past week of blizzards.   Amusingly, NBC4 ran this tidbit on their chyron the other day, noting that the DC record was 126 years old instead of 111; this year’s total beats out the winter of 1898-99.  I’m not criticizing, though!  They were tired after providing us with not one but two non-stop snow-coverage days inside of a week.  The recordkeeping dates back 126 years, so it’s not like the number came out of nowhere, after all.

Streets were downright Zhivago-esque

The streets were downright Zhivago-esque

How did you cope, DC?  Did you shovel snow for yourselves and your neighbors?  Participate in a snowball fight?  Go sledding?  Go skiing?  Go to some other part of the country?  I’m one of those psychotic snow-lovers, so I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Each day I went for a walk around my neighborhood, taking in the sights and the quiet that only a thick blanket of snow can provide.

Snow Apocalypse 2.5: Revenge Of The Bad Hastags!

Courtesy Flickr user lumaliulu

I haven’t been to work in a week.

While I managed to get out to a happy hour last night, and I took a walk in the wind tonight, my roommate and I are feeling the effects of cabin fever- which has reduced my blogging skills to simple bullet points:

Stay warm!

Snow Apocalypse II: Snowball Fight!

With snowball fights erupting all over DC in the wake of the Snomageddon II, I partook in a snowball fight at the Clarendon Metro station:


Snow Apocalypse II: Snow Harder

Snow won't stop this dog owner.

Snow won't stop this dog owner.

Don’t worry guys, unlike last time it snowed, I have a shovel this time around.

Well we’re now officially into Snowmageddon II, Snopocalypse II, whatever you want to call it (except I’m not a big fan of flurricane– sorry Chelsey.) The New York Times calls the storm “Potentially Epic.”

I say removed the potentially.

I walked out onto my porch this morning to appreciate the snow and noticed a few brave souls out with their pets- and even a crazy runner who thinks he can fit in his morning jog with all the snow on the ground.

Well I hope everybody is safe and warm, I’m mostly likely going to spend the weekend with movies and a bottle of white.

Snow Totals And Forecast

Current forecasts report, “Snow along with gusty winds and blizzard conditions at times. Snowfall rates of an inch or more per hour. High around 30F. Winds N at 20 to 30 mph. Snow accumulating 4 to 6 inches.” The National Weather Service says, “High near 31. North wind around 14 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. Total daytime snow accumulation of 6 to 10 inches possible.”

Everything looks sunny for Sunday- perfect day to spend shoveling yourself out.

Want to know how much snow did you get? Check out the NWS Snow totals. WUSA also has a really cool live cam that currently reports 16 inches in DC.

Paul Farhi over at the Washington Post is sick of all the local news coverage of the snow storm, look Paul it’s kinda like Brett Favre news coverage: people are sick of it but at the same time people want to know.

Everything Is Closed, Nothing is Working

Photo courtesy Maxie over at I Hate So Much...

Photo courtesy Maxie

Airports? Mostly closed.

Metro? Underground only.

Metrobus? Suspended.

Amtrak? Crippled.

Roads? Clogged (Route 66 is totally shut down.)

Forget about the unofficial motto for the Postal Service, it looks like this storm is too much for them to handle- no service today.

I’ve heard that a number of my friends around the area are experiencing power outages. Luckily I have power to write this blog. Here are the numbers you should have handy in case you lose power:

BGE: 1-877-778-2222

Pepco: Outages, 1-877-737-2662; Downed lines, 202-872-3432

Dominion 1-888-667-3000

Allegheny Power 1-800-255-3443

Just don’t try and leave the house.

Snowball Fights & Other Events

If you are brave enough to venture out there are a number of snowball fights scheduled today and Hotel Monaco in Alexandria is having a snow sculpting contest.

If you are looking for a fight (the snowball kind, not the Jersey Shore variety) then check out the listings over at Washington City Paper, WTOP, and NBC Washington.

Last Word

Whatever you do guys, just don’t follow the words of Andrew Church, and panic.


I’ll end this post with some morning video from my friend Raylene:


Feds Declare Unscheduled Leave for Friday

The second snowpocalypse of the winter of 2009-2010 has already begun, even though flakes are not predicted to begin falling until tomorrow. In case you can’t see outside from your cubicle; it’s partly sunny and around 35 degrees outside just now, here in NW DC.  Perfectly nice weather.  (I just went to CVS.)  However, the federal government has decided to declare Friday, Feb. 5 an “unscheduled leave” day already, due to concerns about commute troubles and other worries.

This grocery cart doesnt have snow tires

This grocery cart doesn't have snow tires

The flakes are supposed to begin tomorrow sometime around mid-day, and wreak complete havoc on the evening rush hour.  With inch-an-hour snowfall possible during the workday, it’s conceivable that Metro could close its above-ground stations (due to 8″ or more snow) before the rush hour period even ends.

If you are planning on going out for supplies and haven’t yet, please be sure to allow plenty of time for standing in the check-out lines, and try to bring your most Zen-like patience with you.  I’ve already heard several co-workers talking about long lines at grocers last night and this morning. During December’s Snowpocalypse, several major grocery stores in Arlington and Alexandria became almost completely devoid of meat, in addition to the usual staples of milk, bread, and toilet paper.  Since it’s Super Bowl weekend on top of the snowstorm, I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that chips and dip will be thin on the shelves this time around, too.

Once the snow stops falling, please wait for the roads to be cleared if you can, before attempting to drive (especially if you are even the least bit intimidated by snowy conditions).  If you must head out, please clean the snow off your entire car.  Don’t drive around with two feet sitting on the roof; it can slide off and hit drivers behind you, causing major accidents.  If you’ve got a sidewalk going through your property, please be courteous and clear it so that others may pass by.  In some jurisdictions, this is required by law.

Try to be ready, be patient, and enjoy the snow!  Do some sledding, build a snowman, have a snowball fight.  Be safe, DC!  Happy flaking!

Snowgasm: Where Arlington Alert Says You Should Lay Low

I am easily amused by DC’s over reaction in warning people of massive events. So I’ll just let the text of the Arlington Alert I received yesterday say it all:

Another severe winter storm, with near blizzard conditions, is forecast to hit Arlington Fri., Feb. 5 through Sat., Feb. 6. Be prepared to shelter in place for 3 to 5 days . Please stay off the roads. Snow crews will plow primary and secondary roads first for emergency vehicles. After severe storms (more than 10”), it may take 36-48 hours after the snow stops before County plows can get to residential streets.
If they think I’ll be snowed for 3-5 days for a near-blizzard, what should we do if Snogasm turns into a full fledged Snopocalypse?

Metro Above Ground Service Halted And More About The Snow Apocalypse

My roommate Caroline is so cute when she tries to rake snow.

My roommate is so cute when she tries to rake snow.

I woke up early this morning to my phone- my mom was calling me because she heard that Washington, DC might get a little snow today.

That was an understatement.

I was still nestled in my bed and I told her that I already experienced the snowfall as I was driving home from Alexandria. There was a good amount of snowfall and I was stuck driving on the GW Parkway behind an entire convoy of dump truck plows.

After talking with my mom I decided to look outside and I saw two things: snow, and my roommate trying to sweep away the snow using a rake.

That was the first lesson I learned: next time make sure we have snow shovels.

I’m originally from New England so I’m not too phased by snow, it’s the reason I always carry a compact snow shovel and brush in my trunk. However I forgot that since I moved into Arlington, I should of thought of buying a snow shovel. I avoided the bread and milk rush but I a shovel would of been a good idea.

But it was funny watching my roommate rake snow.

Besides making sure you have a shovel I thought I’d share some other things I’ve noticed through all the social media buzz about snOMG.

Metro is not running above ground

It was just announced that the Metrobus and Metrorail system will close above ground operations at 1 P.M. With snowfall rising above 8 inches, Metro believes that by 1 PM the third rail that powers the cars will be fully covered.

Here’s the modified schedule the trains will run:

Yellow Line – Service from Pentagon to Crystal City only

Red Line – Service between Medical Center and Union Station only

Orange Line – Service between Ballston and Stadium-Armory only

Green Line – Service between Fort Totten and Congress Heights only

Blue Line – Service between Ballston (extended to Blue Line) and Stadium-Armory only

Everything is canceled

Virginia is in a state of emergency and I’ve already seen everything in Arlington county close down. I wouldn’t be surprised if everything where you are around is canceled as well. So make sure you go online and check websites if you have plans you are still committing to today and tonight. For instance I just received word that Ford’s Theatre is canceling tonight’s performance of A Christmas Carol. If you were expecting to go to a show or concert make sure you check ahead. Also it looks like the Smithsonian will be closed all weekend and flights in and out of DC are grounded.

Leave no man behind in the snow

I’ve seen a lot of messages and tweets mentioning the DC Hypothermia Watch Partner Program. If you see any of DC’s homeless residents outside, you can call the Emergency Hypothermia Hotline (800 535-7252) and a van will pick-up homeless people left outside and transport them to a local shelter.

Washington D.C. is under a snow emergency

Mayor Adrian Fenty has declared a snow emergency as of 7 a.m. and that means several things that will affect parking and transportation.

You can still drink

Some of you may have stocked up on Milk, Bread, and Beer and plan on drinking your way through the weekend. Those in Clarendon (like me) also have another option. Liberty Tavern is offering a happy hour between 2-5 today for those that mention they are there to watch the snow with the Capital Weather Gang. Luckily I can easily walk me way to there from my place.

And just remember, it’s been almost a year since Obama called us wimpy when it comes to snow.


Daily DC Item: In Which Tells Me To Take Cover

Yesterday I was on to check this weekend’s weather and while it looks like it’ll be a little wet, I was amused by the suggested links with the forecast:


Are you prepared for today’s hurricane? Maybe they are referring to the storm that is Barack Obama.

Watermain Break in Bullet Points

  • If you have to have a huge underground pipe break in your neighborhood, a warm spring morning is not the worst day for it.  If you live below grade, it’s still pretty traumatic.
  • I didn’t know pavement could do that.
  • The overall response from the City workers was great; the sad thing is that they’ve done this so often that they have it all down pat.   I wanted to kiss them for working through the 4-hour downpour that evening that I’m sure kept it from getting any worse.
  • The contractors were out in force; we had 3 business cards for specialists in water damage in our mail slot within 8 hours. 
  • Now I know what rush hour sounds like without traffic on Florida Avenue.   And that articulated Metro buses can back up very, very long distances.   
  • Life goes back to normal pretty quickly, all things considered.   Until the next one breaks…

Didn’t It Snow This Week?

dsc01940 Remember Monday? You know that day we were either happy to not have school, or somewhat cranky that we only had a two-hour delay at work. Ya that day it snowed… a lot. Now all of a sudden it’s 70 and wonderful outside. I went out to the Natural History Museum with friends and I just walked all over downtown without a coat on. That was only a week after I was bundled up trying to scrap ice off my car.

While it may have been nice this weekend, it looks like the weather is going to get cooler as we get back to work tomorrow. It won’t get back up to 70’s but it will stay above freezing at least.

That’s what I love about DC, we get a winter but it doesn’t stay too long for us to hate it.

Anybody else do anything interesting with the warm weather out?

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