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GW Law Student ISO Housing

This is my cousin, Jose Manuel, or as I call him, “the Hottest man in Juarez” after we went bar hopping South of the Border a while back.

Now he’s no longer bar hopping, he’s couch-surfing with me. Arriving Monday for the start of his first year at GW Law he’s looking to find shared accommodation convenient to the law school at 21st and H Streets.

Before he goes from cool cousin to pain in my ass, I need to get him from couch-surfing cousin to rent paying housemate. From my apartment-hunting days, I’ve sent him to Craigslist, the excellent Housing Maps (a Craigslist/Google mash-up) and the Washington City Paper classifieds.

Anywhere else he should look for a room to rent?

Also, do us both a favor, ask around. I know you know someone who needs a housemate. A respectful, clean, serious housemate who needs to get off my couch asap. I need not lose my supermodels to my younger cousin!

Lerner press conference

Last night I was able to attend the press conference for the new owners of the Washington Nationals, the Lerner family and associates, held at the Fairmont Hotel on M Street NW. I did not have any trouble getting in, I simply walked into the Fairmont and asked where the Lerner press conference was and I was poitned in the right direction.

I posted 25 photos of the event on my Web site. You can watch the first part of the press conference and via

Are We Really That Indifferent To Neighborhoods?

Now, I realize that Daily Candy is just trying to help out one of their sponsors, but are we as bad as the author there suggests? “Folks in these parts just don’t seem to take the same pride in their neighborhoods as those in other towns.”

Sure, we’re no Chicago or New York in terms of our love for neighborhoods and names, and the District doesn’t officially recognize the names of the neighborhoods here, but I’d say there’s some serious love for the neighborhood in DC. Jenn even feels bad she can’t get into the ANC meeting!

What say you readers? Are we as neighborhood apathetic as Daily Candy says? If you’re feeling like you want to represent, though, check out DistrictTees or

No more Foggy Bottom Ale: Olde Heurich Brewing Company closing


It has been a rough time for all things Heurich lately. The old Brewmaster’s Castle is in danger of being sold and turned into something other than Christian Heurich’s Victorian mansion. Now, The Post’s Marc Fisher is reporting on his Raw Fisher blog the demise of the District’s Olde Heurich Brewing Company, brewers of Foggy Bottom Ale. It is an excellent post that is a must read.

Included in Fisher’s post is the press release from Gary Heurich of Old Heurich. He is understandably frustrated:

As our predecessor, the Chr. Heurich Brewing Co., learned by the time it had to close in 1956 for similar reasons, the Washington area is unique among major urban centers in its relative lack of a hometown spirit, and as a native Washingtonian this is something that is deeply and personally disappointing.

Whether you liked Foggy Bottom Ale or not this is a sad time for the area. Foggy Bottom Ale should be available for the next month of so.

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