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Parking @ No Parking

Ya gotta love DC, you really do. Every time I walk down Irving Street NW just past 14th Street NW, I see this fun display of urban independence.

Despite the large, obvious, leering “No Parking” signs, everyone parks. Double parks even. And not for a moment either.

People park here every day, all the time as it’s convenient and when the construction didn’t close off the far lane, unobtrusive.

Cops? Tickets? None that I’ve ever scene. It’s a parking free for all, that really is free for all. If you go by, stop, park and check it out. Everyone else is.

Ruby Tuesday Will Chinatown Columbia Heights

While you were reading the WashPost article today about the slow creep of chains into Dupont Circle, my mind was a little farther east and north.

First, Dupont Circle is not the poster child for suburbanization of DC that would be Chinatown, or what’s left of it anyway. I said bye bye Chinatown a little late, when Hooters moved in, but right after the MCI Verizon Center opened, the signs were clear.

Fuddruckers, Legal Sea Foods, with just a sign in Chinese, shame the neighborhood’s name. These are chain restaurants that cater to the Center’s outside the Beltway crowds and killed the neighborhood’s character.

Oh and before you try, don’t even think of using the remaining Chinese restaurants as an example of Asian hold outs. Those are as authentic as McDonalds.

So what’s the next neighbourhood to be sanitized? Well walking home last night I saw a sign, this sign, on the rebuilt Tivoli Theatre building: Ruby Tuesday’s.

This is the sign of the end. This sign of what I feared with the new Target, suburbia invading in 500,000 square foot stores.

Out goes color, out goes local ownership. In come the chains, in come standardization. In comes those who think Ruby Tuesday’s is a selling point. And out goes those who enjoy a little variety in their lives.

Variety that does not come in pieces of “flair”.

You were warned about das boot

Yes, I warned you it was boot time in Columbia Heights, but you ignored me. You didn’t pay your two or more 30-day-old, unpaid parking tickets and you continued to park in the wrong zone too long.

Now you get what you deserve, das boot. Bright orange and solid steel, it will clasp your tire in a death grip until you follow the DMV boot rules:

  • pay your outstanding tickets,
  • another $50 for the boot/de-booting,
  • and wait two hours post-payment to be de-booted.

Will that teach you, will you learn, will you finally accept that Columbia Heights doesn’t mess around with the boot?

Boot Time in Columbia Heights

If you have a have two or more 30-day-old, unpaid parking tickets, or if you are parked in the wrong zone too long, be careful about leaving your car on a Columbia Heights street this week.

This big orange boot is the fifth one I’ve seen since Sunday, and I’m sure the experience isn’t fun.

First, you have to pay your outstanding tickets, then DC adds another $50 for the boot/de-booting, and worst of all, you have to wait around two hours post-payment, before the boot will be removed.

More boot-centric info can be found on the DC Gov website with the great url: booted.shtm

Pothole Making Crew

“Bob, where do you think our man hole is?”

“Well Dave, I’m not sure, I know its somewhere around here but they just repaved this road, and I think they buried our hole.”

“Yep, guess they did. Looks like we’ll have to dig it up.”

“Alright, I’ll get the jack hammer.”

“Great way to start Friday, jack hammering at 7am.”

“Yeah, Bob, it is. But at least we don’t have to fill this hole today.”

“Right, let’s leave that for next week.”

“Better yet, let’s just leave it.”

Time Your Beer Buying

While others debated American patriotism on the 4th, I had my own quandary – where to re-supply the required libations for an afternoon BBQ.

Yes, I know, on the 4th of July this was a Code Red Emergency, and I was mortally fearful that all the usual distributors of the life-giving hopps were closed.

Luckily the Bling Bling Giant was open, and even better, had a decent choice still left for those parched and sober.

They also had this helpful sign to alert me to the hours of alcohol availability, hours I appreciated. For those that don’t know, the hours listed on this sign are the exact store hours of the Bling Bling Giant.

Nice to know they are that thoughtful!

Getting Neighborly with Zipcar

How do you think Zipcar can stir up a whole hornet’s nest of responses on a community message board? How about posting this little snippet on the Adams Morgan Yahoo Group:

Zipcar is actively looking to add more cars in the Adams Morgan
Neighborhood. If anyone knows of any available parking spaces for
rent, please let us know

Everyone from those bemoaning the loss of a single parking space to those thinking Zipcar means local residents shopping in the burbs instead of with local businesses responded with the usual polite commentary.


If you wanna follow along in real time, keep track on the Columbia Heights Yahoo Group. Zipcar just posted a request there too, and the flame wars will start in three, two, one..

Columbia Heights and Lows

Columbia Heights Yahoo Groups is off on another beautiful tangent again, one that’s worth a few minutes of your work day leisure time. Started off with this short description of a robbery

There were three black males in their early 20s. They held a gun in the cab driver’s face, but thankfully did not shoot. Even though they were handed cash, they also demanded my husband’s wallet. Then they ran down the alleys toward the housing complex on Columbia.

the discussion has spiraled out into a grand display of neighborly love where moral quandaries take on Twilight Zone dimensions. Case in point, this fun quote:

I said when a rich white woman smokes a cigarette in her SUV and a poor black woman smokes a joint in front of her baby – I don’t see them as different.

Wanna enjoy the display yourself? Go on your own merry adventure here.

wonderland summer dress party

It is wonderland’s summer dress party – come in a sun dress and drink on the cheap.

It is also a great case study in why women wear dresses and men do not.

Men, you can even pick up while in a dress. Well, as long as your legs are not better than hers. Reason why I am in jeans.

Are We Really That Indifferent To Neighborhoods?

Now, I realize that Daily Candy is just trying to help out one of their sponsors, but are we as bad as the author there suggests? “Folks in these parts just don’t seem to take the same pride in their neighborhoods as those in other towns.”

Sure, we’re no Chicago or New York in terms of our love for neighborhoods and names, and the District doesn’t officially recognize the names of the neighborhoods here, but I’d say there’s some serious love for the neighborhood in DC. Jenn even feels bad she can’t get into the ANC meeting!

What say you readers? Are we as neighborhood apathetic as Daily Candy says? If you’re feeling like you want to represent, though, check out DistrictTees or

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