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marathon morning

Woke up this morning and it looks a marathon route is right past my window. Some cop told me it was the marine corps but i have since been enlighted. (see comment). A group of cheerleaders has assembled at the corner of 18th and columbia, screaming affirmations to everyone who straggles by. I would imagine it’s nice to have someone encourage you on when you are about to flop on the grass face first and not move for three days. I got to give it these guys (and women). Seems like such a painful hobby.

Just now i see two black security cars–the kind that gum up traffic when some admninistration bigwig wants to go to lunch– slowly driving next to a group of runners. Perhaps they are famous. Or rich. When they drop over from exhaustion, they can be whisked away quickly to the nearest emergency room. Or to Elizabeth Arden for a massage.

I think this is fairly far in the race, cause they are coming by just a few at a time. As i watch, i make note of the many possible running styles: the shuffle, the high step, the tip toe, the slide, the forward lean, the backward lean, the flat foot back slide, the prance, and my personal favorite, the prance-knee high-on toes-with a wave.

I guess i should get to the gym today.

Street Vendors Income: Making Bank or Bare Minimum?

How much do you think this guy makes each day? Maybe a $100 or $200 or $1,000?

I often wonder street vendor income, as I don’t see that many people buying from them, but they are still out there every day.

Do you buy from them? If so, when and what do you get? Do you have a preferred vendor? A standard staple?

And do you think street vendors make a decent living from your largess?

Pay Phoning Home from Lauriol Plaza

Check this out. It’s a pay phone! When was the last time you saw, much less used, one?

This archaic bit of technology isn’t even in a convenient for conversation location – its in the men’s bathroom at Lauriol Plaza.

While I’ve had my share of bathroom cell phone calls, I think the days of a pay phone bathroom call are long gone.

Have you used one, recently? (pay phones, not bathrooms)

Mr. Kims

Actually, Mr. Kim no longer has anything to do with the little shop on the corner in Adams Morgan, right downstairs from where I live. I think he died of stomach cancer several years ago. The new owners are another Korean family and three brothers take turns manning the counter. I think a few of them are putting themselves through school. Until this past new year’s day, I had never seen a day when Mr Kims wasn’t open. Ever. And it’s not like your usual crappy corner store, either. In between the Doritos, lottery tickets and cigarettes, you can find a bunch of treasures you would think could only be found at whole foods. They carry swanky cheeses, fresh pasta and smoked clams. Those boys have saved my sorry arse on many an evening when I was missing only one ingredient for another botched Aquavit recipe. They always let me slide if I don’t have enough dosh on hand. I was thinking of moving to a small house, but you see my options are limited: I can only move somewhere within one block of Mr. Kims.

I can’t stand, though, that the old Comet Liquor–the cornerstone and meeting place of Adams Morgan life for a zillion years–has been replaced by a cheap sports shoe company.

“Tourists” On Car-Crunching NYE Rampage

NYE Biters, Not Breakers

While I wanted to make a New Year’s Eve DC Drunks Photo Pool, my own inebriation put me to sleep moments after midnight. And I hope the same happened to you if you were out and about in Adams Morgan Sunday night.

Otherwise, if you stayed out late and were wandering around the 2300 block of Ontario Road or nearby on Kalorama, the Adams-Morgan Yahoo Group and DC MPD might want to ask you a few questions.

The Adams-Morgan list is reporting serious late-night vandalism:

At about 3:00 a.m. some incredibly large, loud, drunk, and determined weekend visitor to our fair neighborhood took it upon himself to bash in the roofs of several cars on the 2300 block of Ontario Road and otherwise damage a couple of cars on Kalorama. Just a quick thumbnail estimate shows that this idiot did several thousand dollars of damage in just a few minutes.

No word yet on who or why but John Wilcox has a great shout-out to who he believes is the real culprit:

And to the helpful bartenders or wait staff of our tourist bars who helped this guy get so wasted, thanks so much. Hope your New Year is getting off to a better start than ours is.

Better yet, John is assuming the drunk destroyer is a “tourist”. No, not some yahoo from way out of town, but a suburbanite Mr. Incredible from NoVA or MD. And here I thought suburbanites were just “Bridge & Tunnels” not full blown tourists.

Your New Adams Morgan Happy Hour

Now this is happy hour pricing! Check out those wallet-friendly prices. My favs:

$5 Cuban Mojitos
$8 Corona Buckets

Yep, Santa Rosa Seafood Sports Bar at 18th and Wyoming is on my happy hour list.

While it might not be a Cafe Citron Thursday and maybe lacking the young and beautiful, I know my wallet (and your) will be so much happier.

A Taste of What Once Was

The Potter’s House, 1658 Columbia Rd., NW, is an Adams Morgan landmark and a refreshing throwback to the days before all the dreck and million-dollar condo pod people arrived. The Potter’s House, established in 1960, bills itself as a place for good music and good food for good cause. They have music performances–jazz, bluegrass, world–dance performances, poetry and literature readings as well as open mike nights. A $10 suggested donation will get you in. The gift shop purchases pottery, handbags, baskets, candles, crosses and jewelry from Ten Thousand Villages and other organizations that support fair trade products and low-income craftspeople in Third World countries. You can check out their calendar of events at Let’s just hope developers don’t get their claws on that part of the block.

Hide Behind Your Lens

Even though I’m an avid Apple hater, I love this candid shot taken by Flickr user furcafe. This guy seems to have a camera attached to his eye socket, judging by the number of photos he takes around town, and this one is absolutely made for an Apple promo. Doesn’t it make you think that owning a MacBook is cool? Just chillin’ at your local coffee shop, surfing the net, sipping on a latte, hanging out with other cool people…you dig?

The photographer’s use of black and white is great here, and the lighting, especially the glow of the laptop on his face, really adds to the mood. I like that this photo tells a story about one of our local establishments while at the same time holds on to its anonymity. The depth of field (i.e. what’s in focus and what isn’t) focuses the viewers’ eye on his subject, some cool dude just chillin’.

As for the legality of candid photos, don’t ask me. Unlike the rest of DC’s population, I’m not a lawyer, but my best guess is that as long as you don’t sell your photos or use them for commercial use, you’re in the clear. So next time you’re chillin’ at your local establishment, fire away and see what gems you and your camera come up with.

My you have big gourds!

My you have big gourds, Madam Organs.

Big, round, plump. Smooth, curved. They are mighty.

Two men, two pumpkins. All in the fall sun.

Want your own? Pumpkins that is? Get a cart-full.

Pumpkin purchase party is happening now.

Slippery When Wet

I don’t know if I should be proud or worried with this observation: lubricated condoms are popular at the CVS in Adams Morgan.

I could be proud, knowing the peeps in my hood keep a helmet on their jimmy.

I could be worried that so many folks are getting it on while I get none.

Instead, I’ll just work on a good Halloween costume and hope I’ll get a chance to upgrade my own lubrication.

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