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Love Note to Arlington Parking Enforcement

Broken Meter

Another broken meter, another broken heart. This meter has hardened its heart and refuses to take more money. We all must learn that another’s inability to receive love should not impact our ability and desire to give it, as much as it hurts to not have it returned. The love is there, regardless.

Broken – won’t take more than it arbitrarily decides on a given day. My dollars pile up as it takes a quarter here, a quarter there. The coffers of my heart overflow with love, money and sadness.

Yours always,
Money Man

To the person who left this note and parked in the spot despite the many other available spots with working meters: Did your note, detailing the sorrow you felt actually save you from getting a ticket? Please let us know because if it means saving a buck or two I can write letters like that all day long.

Confusing Parking Signs in Clarendon

Confusing parking sign

This sign is one of many in Clarendon, right around the Metro entrance. Am I reading this right? Is there really no parking any time except certain hours on Wednesdays for market vendors? Or is it supposed to mean no parking on Wednesdays from 12-7 except for market vendors and parking is legal the rest of the time?

I see people parking at these spots all week long, so I would guess these signs are just confusing representations of the real law. Plus, there are meters at all these spots, so it makes sense that the county would want to have the spots in use as much as possible. Does anyone know if I am right on this score? Any Arlington County parking enforcement people reading this blog who can shed some light on the subject?

Maybe it’s because my degree is in writing and editing and I have had years of training and work in picking stuff apart but the signs seem a bit nonsensical.

Mother’s Day in Clarendon

After I hung up the phone I put Mother’s Day out of my mind and agreed with my lovely wife that we should go out for lunch. I had made the requisite call to my mother this morning. She told me last week, “The only thing I want for Mother’s Day is for my son to call me now and then.” So, full of guilt, I called her. I guess that makes me a good son.

When my wife and I got to Clarendon, we found that Whitlow’s on Wilson had people spilling out the door, waiting for a table. The next place we tried was full as well. Then we got to Faccia Luna on Wilson Blvd. and found that it was nearly empty. Good news for us, I suppose, but I wondered what it meant that a restaurant was almost empty on the biggest restaurant day of the year, with surrounding venues full of mothers and people who love them.

Faccia Luna was as good a place as I have been to recently. Its gourmet-style offerings sounded good on the menu. Elise had the Agnolotti con Mozzarella. I had no idea what agnolotti meant. It turned out to be a type of pasta that looked suspiciously like ravioli. I don’t know what the difference might be. It came with a creamy pesto sauce that looked really delicious. I was too busy with my pizza to get a taste.

I went for the Pomodoro pizza, which was a nice pairing of fresh tomatoes and garlic. Before ordering, I had to get something cleared up. Faccia Luna had the appearance of the type of trendy place that made wimpy sauceless pizzas. I can’t abide by that. Sure enough, they do have some sauceless pizzas labeled “white” but the lion’s share of the pies come with a sauce, just the way God intended. It was delicious. Great toppings, tasty sauce and a wonderful hand-tossed crust.

If you are in Clarendon, be sure to check out Faccia Luna. It has excellent food. The mystery remains – why weren’t there more people there today? My mother lives in Raleigh, NC, so I couldn’t have taken her there. What’s your excuse for denying your Mom such a wonderful dining experience?

Take Your Shiznit For a Walk Day

Look at all that Shiznit!

Have you been outside today? Stick your pale neck outside the cubicle for a few minutes and enjoy the sunshine before it’s time to go home.

I found this buggy of treasure outside Murky Coffee when I went outside to feed the meter. The owner was nowhere to be seen but this guy has the right idea. All of us benefit from a little sunshine and some fresh air, even the stuff that fills our homes. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Taking your stuff for a walk is a great excuse to go outside, so grab the keyboard from your desk and head out to the grace and wonder of a beautiful day while you still can.

Wherefore art thou?

Cell phone case

My dear Blackberry Sled, I am coming to join you. The emptiness I feel is like having something ripped from within me. I sit, perched atop this lookout, and try to see to that place, beyond the towers and the river, where you wait for my arrival. Though physical distance separates us, our hearts are together always.

Until we can be together, I will long for you and stay true to our vow.

I will be yours forever.

From Clarendon and lost without my soul,
I will always be,
Your Cell Phone Case

Street Level Exodus?

Does anyone know what’s going on in Clarendon above Highland? It seems that every storefront between Orpheus Records and the Kabob Bazaar is now shut, and the whole area looks like a scene out of a bad union-strike movie set in West Virginia rather than just blocks away from some of the hottest nightlife in the region. What’s with all the empty storefronts? Is this gentrification in process, or are the landlords asking for too much money? With about a dozen spots empty in the two blocks between the Clarendon Ballroom and the Metro, Arlington’s got to be losing out on some serious revenue if those places stay empty much longer.

What’s going on?

Suburban Bears

So I’m out getting coffee this morning, trying to get a head start on the day, and I’m standing in line and this girl walks up behind me. I can tell out of the corner of her eye that she’ s holding something brown and furry. The cashier takes a look at her and says, “Ma’am, you can’t bring your dog in here.” “It’s not a dog,” the girl says in an indignant yet totally serious manner, “it’s a bear.” “Regardless,” the cashier responds in an equally serious manner, “there’s a health code regulation.” Before I could get a good look, the girl turns around and storms out. I looked out the window, but I lost her in the crowd.

Since I didn’t get a chance to see what she was holding, I’m going to spend all day wondering if she really had a baby bear instead of working my take home final, which is what I should be doing. Great.

Anyway, if you happen to live in the Clarendon area, enjoy Starbucks, and own a pet bear, remember to leave it outside, there’s no health code loophole. Although I guess one exception might be when you own a full-size bear. No one is going to argue with you when you’ve got a 500 lb grizzly backing you up. Of course, it’s probably not a good idea to get your 500 lb grizzly hyped up on caffeine, so maybe you should leave it outside regardless.

Thanks for the push

So I was heading to work yesterday in the snow, and I kinda got stuck. Not real stuck, just a little stuck in an intersection because of a snow bank made by a passing plow. There I was kinda rocking back and forth right there in the street hoping that maybe somehow my rear-wheel drive car would be able to get some traction, and then all of a sudden I felt this extra power coming from somewhere. I looked out my back window and there were these two guys who’d been just walking down the street, saw me struggling, and decided pushed my car. A few seconds later I was clear of the snow and they just wandered off. That’s the kinda thing that makes you think for a second that maybe humanity isn’t all that bad after all. So anyway, whoever those two random guys were, thanks!

Letting the Snowblind Drive

If you told me that the world would end in either fire or ice, as Robert Frost has also pondered, I would not be surprised. Nor if you told me that the world would end with Apes becoming our masters or God showing up and telling us that the stuff we thought we knew was all wrong and that we would have to repeat it until we got it right.

What does surprise me, time and again, is that dopes like this drive around with snow on their windshield. The car appeared in the parking lot while I was having lunch out on the great tundra of Clarendon at the Silver Diner. Why wouldn’t someone take the extra five seconds to wipe off the snow instead of being a dangerous jerk to the rest of us?

Snowy windshield 20070214Car_SnowATT00196

To the person who laughed at me in the Silver Diner today

Silver Diner 10-02-07_1517

Yes, I know who Percy Sledge is.

I had made one of my favorite jokes while having lunch with my wife today. While browsing through the jukebox selections I saw “When a Man Loves a Woman” and made the comment that someone was stealing Michael Bolton’s song. Somebody at a nearby table burst out laughing. I probably had it coming, but I think I’m the one who ended up looking like the “no-talent ass clown” for saying that.

You can tell the difference between a laugh at something funny versus a laugh at incompetence. At least I had the presence of mind to introduce myself as Wayan to the laughing person.

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