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So long, and thanks for all the sparklers.

It’s hard to believe so much time has gone by; it’s been a little shy of three years since I wrote my first post here and kicked off what would be a lot of posts and pictures about funny Virginia license plates. At the time I was a little reluctant to sign up and participate, not actually being a blogger on my own. Writing about myself seemed to self-indulgent, and who would care? Writing for Metblogs, however, provided a structure and a reason for writing and I’ve loved it. It’s been a way to meet new people and a motivation to try new things and, perhaps most importantly, an impetus to really examine my involvement and my feelings about the things I do and see.

I credit Metblogs for helping me love this city even more,  in a dozen ways. New people, new friends, new places, new experiences, new opportunities. Like the best jobs, this one kept me on my toes and pushed me to develop new skills… sometimes under fire, sometimes by putting me next to people who knew things I didn’t, sometimes by forcing me to teach and thereby learn my subject matter even better.

That said, surely you know a eulogy when you hear it. Well, a resignation letter anyway – I’m not dying unless someone aims badly with a bottle rocket tonight. Maybe this is more an overly wordy break-up speech. It’s not you, Metblogs, it’s me.

It’s come to be time for me to move on to a different place – electronically anyway – and a different sort of writing. I’m still interested in life here in DC and I’ll be writing about it over at We Love DC, where some things will be new but others will surely stay the same. Anyone interested in a betting pool on how long before I post a picture of some interesting license plates… well, I wouldn’t go too far into double-digits if I were you.

Thanks for reading, I home you come visit me over at the new digs. Have a happy Fourth of July.

photo courtesy of Zaid Al Balushi

Rubber Duckie, You’re The One…

Apart from seeing a businessman borrowing his daughter’s Winnie the Pooh backpack today on the Metro, I’m not sure how many of us could publicly regress back into childhood at a moments notice. So it did warm my heart this morning when my inner child was revealed to me in a sign for the “Jim Henson’s Fantastic World” which will open July 12th at the Smithsonian’s ’s International Gallery. Given the description of the program, I’m hoping it will be better than the last lackluster 5-6 item exhibit last trotted out to fans a few years ago. It is an amalgamation from the “Jim Henson Legacy” exhibit as well as the Smithsonian’s traveling “show”, which should be the best of both worlds.

For those of you who are more transient residents to D.C., or visitors stopping in to say a hearty “hello” to the National Capital region, the global phenomenon known as The Muppets was started here at the University of Maryland through Henson’s first show, “Sam and Friends”, broadcast on WRC-TV in D.C. starting in 1954. Who knew Kermit was that old, right?! Besides the Muppet characters, Henson was an experimental filmmaker, collaborating with composer and electronic music pioneer, Raymond Scott (Henry Warnow) on several films. If you can’t get enough of Henson at this exhibit, swing by UMD for the bronze statue and garden or visit the library there for more collections (the online version is also a treasure trove).

Jim Henson Memorial

Originally uploaded by zhurnaly

Look What’s Behind Me

I never really paid attention to the writing on this sign before, located on St. Elmo Street in Bethesda. I imagine it’s in front of a hair designer, but I didn’t see one, not that I was looking. Mostly what I noticed, other than the drawing of a woman about to get naked, was that she encourages us to examine what is behind her.

What’s behind her? Surprise! More sidewalk and, as you can see, a car partly blocking the sidewalk. I wonder if this sign really does anything to promote Valentino’s or if people just assume it’s an ad for a strip club, as I did for about a year before stopping to read it.

Photo: Do they sell boobs? Originally uploaded by carlweaver

Second Fire Closes Metro Center

A second fire has closed Metro Center and further complicated an already awful day week. WMATA and the DC Fire Department are working to combat what seem to be a system of fires.

Seriously, if you’re at work, start preparing to take another method of transit home if you Metro’d in. Tell your boss you need to leave early today. It’s Friday, in the summertime, leave at lunch.

Bethesda Sidewalk Closed for Apparently Nothing

I was walking to the supermarket near my office when I encountered this obstacle. Of course, instead of safely crossing the street, everyone, including me, was walking single-file on the curb on Old Georgetown Road. yeah, it’s not exactly smart, but at least it adds a little drama to my otherwise dull day in a windowless office.

What’s curious is that the sidewalk was closed for no apparent reason. Construction is done in this building, so there were no obvious dangers.

Thanks, all you mysterious people who get paid to block sidewalks. Often you do a good job but this time I fail to see why it’s closed. The bricks have already been walked on, so please fear that no more.

Photo: Closed for what? Originally uploaded by carlweaver

Must Love Donuts


For those of you donut fanatics out there, have I got a deal for you! If you sign up as a Friend of Krispy Kreme they will give you not a dozen, not a half dozen, not even three, but ONE free glazed donut. Not a chocolate donut. Not a sprinkles donut. Not a cream filled donut. Not a coconut donut. Not a donut hole. Not a glazed cinnamon donut. Not a cinnamon apple filled donut. Not a cinnamon bun. Not a powdered donut. Not a glazed blueberry donut. Not a New York cheesecake donut.

Just one Original Glazed® donut. One.

And for that, you agree to be bombarded by their marketing team with e-mails and who knows what else!

But you really must love donuts. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to stop at the Krispy Kreme in Dupont tonight for dinner!

Because I know you’re all DYING to buy tickets

…an ad on alerts me that the New Kids on the Block Reunion Tour (otherwise known as the “Real estate market is in the toilet so Jon Knight finally agreed” tour) will be coming to our fair city on October 2.

The show will be at the Verizon Center, which seems like an ambitious choice for a flash-in-the-pan boy band that hasn’t toured in at least 15 years, but perhaps there are other 30-somethings out there who are not as embarrassed at their childhood love of Joey McIntyre as I am. They’ve already sold out in Atlantic City, I hear.

In any case, the presale starts on June 2 at LiveNation. If you’re willing to admit that you plan to see this show, chime in in the comments. We promise not to mock you. Much.

New Kids on the Block – 4/4/08

Originally uploaded by nkotbofficial

The Mall’s a Disgrace?

Someone, a while back, told me that unless you go before Congress and talk about every shitty thing that’s broken about even the best thing in the world, you’re going to come away with less money. So, that must be the strategy that Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton participated in yesterday when she suggested we should be ashamed of the National Mall, or when John Ackridge called the Mall a “disgrace” in front of Congress.

I know there’s worn grass on the Mall, the result of tourists wearing convenient paths across the Nation’s Front Lawn, and that perhaps some trees aren’t in the best shape, but to call it a disgrace?

I think that’s an insult to this town, honestly.

Washington DC Mall from Capitol Hill — Originally uploaded by looking_for_a_cause

Arsenic Closes Fort Reno Park

Yesterday morning bright and early, the Park Service closed the park at Fort Reno citing massive arsenic toxicity in the soil on the site. The soil samples reported to the press were between 500 and 1,100 parts per million, or roughly 10 to 25 times the legal “safe” limit.

If you’re wondering what’s to become of the awesome concert series at Fort Reno, you’re not alone. The organizing group is looking for an alternate site if the park can’t be decontaminated quickly, as well as donations to cover the sound system and stage personnel for the concert series. If you can chip in, please do so. The Fort Reno concert series is definitely one of those awesome local events that makes DC such a great place to live.

The causes of the arsenic levels is unclear, but the Post posits a theory that it may have to do with the Civil War dead buried on the Park’s grounds, as they were likely embalmed with an arsenic-based embalming method.

If you’re concerned about arsenic poisoning, please contact poison control or go to the ER, pronto.

Arsenic — Originally uploaded by Dave Ward Photography

DC Drivers Love the Rage

Okay, I’m going to come right out and do something I hate people doing, myself. Fire up the hypocrite comment-engine, because here I go.

WTOP points out that DC Area Drivers are 5th in the nation for road rage. All I can say is, “Guys, really, chances are, the people who are driving like major league asshats are probably doing so in Maryland and Virginia plates.” It sucks that the District gets the bad PR for all these guys who live in Reston, or Springfield, or Gaitherburg, or Laurel and drive like complete idiots.

Most of the folks I know who live in the District commute either by bus or metro, though I do on occasion see DC Plates on the major thoroughfares in rush hour, it tends to be the crazy-ass mofo from Maryland or Virginia making everyone else’s life difficult.

Not to say that DC drivers are all that great, far from it, they’re just not causing the road rage you see every day on the Beltway, 395, 270, the B-W Parkway, etc.

Entering A Road Rage Zone — Originally uploaded by garyturner

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