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Good Morning, Mr. President

Teddy Never Wins

Teddy Never Wins

This morning, I was greeted atop the Gallery Place Metro escalators by none other than No. 26 himself, President Teddy of the Racing Presidents Nats mascots.  He was passing out little red coupon cards to try and entice folks to head for the ball park this Memorial Day weekend.

That’s because this weekend the Nats and O’s engage in a little interleague play to kick off the summer season.  Now, the team is calling this the Battle of the Beltways, which might be a little generous.  Each team is in the basement of its respective division, after all.  But don’t despair, baseball fans…there’ll be fireworks on Friday night, Saturday is Hat Day (first 20,000 fans), and Sunday is Kids Jersey Day (#11 jersey for the first 10,000 kids).    Selected seats are 25% off with coupon code, “Battle”.  See you at the ball game!

Nationals: Shhh Don’t Blog About it!

This Picture May, or May not (but probably does) have something to do with this post.  I'm not sayin...I'm just sayin.

This Picture May, or May not (but probably does) have something to do with this post. I'm not sayin...I'm just sayin.

So I’m in a bit of a quandry.  The Washington Nationals have this great story going on right now…as a blogger, I should talk about it-but as a fan I have no intention of jinxing it…

What I will say is:

  • Joe DiMaggio’s record of 56 hasn’t really even come close to being broken in the modern era of baseball.  44 by Pete Rose is as close as it has come.
  • Joe D also holds the same record (as recognized by Minor League Baseball) in the minors with 61.
  • That, surprisingly, only 52 times in the Majors has a player done this 30 times in a row-including four Washington Senators (One from the 1890’s team, and three from the team that would become the Twins)and one Montreal Expos
  • That tonight, maybe possibly that list will grow to 53 and add the first Washington National to the list.
  • That perhaps my idea from a few months ago helped this little bit of awesome come along. 
  • That it is completely silly and ridiculous to think that the all time record would be matched, or beaten…but if it were, and you wanted to buy tickets to key games:
  •  The 37th (To be the new Washington area record holder, and in the top 10 all time) At Home against the Pirates May 19th
  • The 40th (To tie Ty Cobb and become one of only seven players to do this thing) would be May 22, at home against the team from Baltimore
  • 45 and 46 (depending on how you count it) would mean second place and would happen on the road in New York against the Mets May 27 and 29. 
  • The 50th (Currently, only Joltin’ Joe has done that) would come on June 3rd at home against the Giants.
  • The tying game would be June 10th against the Reds
  • The go ahead game would have been on the road…if it wasn’t for the rain delayed game against the Philies in April.  With the doubleheader in May that makes the 57th game (shhhhhh don’t talk about it!) on June 11th, also against the Reds. 
  • Also, again, it is insane to even think this.  So stop. 

Nats Park: No More Sunset Wheat??!?!

Now maybe I should have realized this at some point during the first month of baseball, but I was too busy watching the Nats lose/get rained out.  I went to yesterday’s Cinco De Mayo businessmanperson special between the Nationals and the Astros (what were you doing at 12:35 that was so important?).  I put on my new T-shirt:


My New Favorite Shirt!

and saddled myself up to the Red Porch Rooftop and ordered my summer beer standby-Sunset Wheat.


DC Sports: Hope Springs (Mostly) Eternal…

Last week I posted on my facebook page “Could DC be the worst Sports town in the Country?” and I don’t think was out of line to ask that question.  (Seattle was the only other obvious contender-with a terrible baseball team, no hockey, an awful football team and having just lost their basketball team).

But April showers bring the buds of May-and all the bad news of the past month seems to be shaping up nicely for DC Sports fans-Need proof?  Read on:


The Wizards had just finished a dismal 19-63 season-by far the worst team in the East (only the Kings in the West did worse).  No playoffs for the first time in years.  The $100+ million dollar man, Gilbert Arenas, played in a total of  2 games for 31.5 minutes (At over $14 mil for the year, that’s $7 mil a game, or $465,189 per minute).

And now: Flip” Saunders heads the team-and he has a pedigree of at least getting out of the first round of the playoffs.   Gilbert Arenas looked, well, not awful in his two games and at least seems to be running around-presumably he will be better for next year.  All that losing seems to have paid off too, with the Wizards having the second most chances of getting the top pick in the draft-and can only finish as low as 5th.  In a class heavy on PGs and low on big guys-picking high is more important than ever this year.  

Skins, Nats and Caps after the jump. (more…)

Daily DC Item: Just Let Teddy Win


Presidents Race – 04-21-2009 courtesy of YouTube user lfahome

It’s already looking like a long summer for the 3-11 Nationals but there has always been a bright spot during Nationals home games: The President’s Race. The 4th inning tradition has become a fan favorite not matter what the score is at the time. For anyone that’s been to a few Nationals game, they know that out of the four racing Presidents Teddy Roosevelt never wins. The running joke of Teddy coming in last in the standings (much like the Nationals) has become a rallying cry for fans. Fans chant his name when he comes running out of the center field gate and now the fandom has gone online.

I stumbled upon this very interesting blog called, “Let Teddy Win!” The blog is a daily journal of every Nationals President’s Race and includes a complete collection of video clips and highlights so you can go back to the moment Teddy zip-lined across the finish line in RFK; the time Teddy lost on his own bobblehead night; or maybe the time he was just Teddy being Manny. All these clips can be found and more in a well done history of the President’s Race.

So if you would rather see the results of last night’s President’s Race than the results of last night’s Nationals game I highly encourage you to stop on by and check out what antics Teddy’s been up to and maybe one day they’ll just let Teddy win.

Sports: ‘ashington NationaLLLLLLLs


A typo in the title?  Not a chance.

The NationaLLLLLLLs have yet to post a “W” for the year, and so I’ve taken the “W” right out of their name.  They have managed to post 7 “L”s this year, so I’ve granted them that.   Until they get a win they play for the city of  ‘ashington. 

The team that plays near the Navy Yard dropped it’s 7th straight of the season, it’s 11th in a row from last year, and it’s 16th of the 17 games.  This is how you can tell they are “bad.”

In case you are wondering the 1899 Cleveland Spiders lost 24 games in a row, and the 61′ Phillies lost 23 in a row-the longest in the post 1900 era.  The longest losing streak to start a season?  Our neighbors to the north the BLAH-timore Orioles lost 21 in a row in 1988

Yesterday’s game, while a lot of fun with the Metblogs crew, is probably a tell-tale sign of what to expect by the Nats this year.  Lots of offense, lots of errors.  This team can score-don’t kid yourself.  It’s going to be fun to watch if you dig the long ball, for sure.  If you’re a fan of tight play, stingy defense and good pitching-well it’s going to be a long summer for you. 

The Nots Nats are also in trouble looking at the upcoming schedule.  They don’t play a team out of the NL East until the last day of April!  After finishing here with the World Champion Phillies, they play Florida, Atlanta and the Phils again-with a series against the Mets mixed in.  So the teams that are already kicking our ass are going to line up to do it again all month long. 

It could be a record setting bad month, all things told.  Hang on to your Hats Nats fans-they might be the only “W”s you see at the park for a while….

Daily DC Item: Metblogs Meetup At Nats Opening Day

Yesterday the DC Metblogs crew was out in force to enjoy Opening Day at Nationals Park. The 0-6 Nats finally returned from their season starting road trip to face the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies.


The view walking down half street, I was excited to see so many people come out for the game! Frank and I joked earlier that we could of seen Marlins like numbers.


I enjoyed seeing this wrapping since I could probably answer that it wasn’t Half Street. I’m really dissapointed that the area still isn’t developed into the bustling new neighborhood that we expected.


I thought I’ve seen these new statues late last season but I still don’t know what to think about the weird artwork that now welcomes patrons into the park.


Some of the improvements made to Nationals Park this year includes an expansion to the center field restaurant, definitely a plus for those looking to take a break from the game.


The stadium was pretty packed however the team still has a problem with selling those behind the plate seats.


Before the game there was a moment of silence before the game for Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas, who died in the broadcast booth hours before the game. That team actually considered cancelling the game but decided to go on with the show. Metblogs sends it’s thoughts and prayers to Kalas’ family.

Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

President Obama wasn’t around for the first pitch so Military representatives tossed the pitch instead.


This is the view from the Suite I watched the game in- unfortunately DC Council members couldn’t enjoy the experience like I did.

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

It wasn’t a great Opening Day for the Nats. Despite an early offensive showing, I was already yelling at Anderson Hernandez by the 2nd inning. The Nats lose to the Phillies in a game that wasn’t as close as the score would indicate.


However the Metblogs crew enjoyed a drink in the Lincoln Suites and we had a fun time all around. Frank and I have access to season tickets so it will only be the first of many losses that we’ll be watching all summer long!

Nationals: No "Change-up We Can Believe In"-Obama Out!

Despite earlier evidence to the contrary, President Obama will not be throwing out the first pitch for the Nationals on Monday. 

*Commence Pouting*

You know-BLAH-timore got Joe Biden, the deal was we were supposed to get the Prez.

It’s a tradition that dates back to William Howard Taft in 1910, right here in Washington DC (At National Park).  Since then Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, FDR, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon all threw out at least one ball for the Washington Nationals/Senators. 

Ford, Reagan, Bush I and Bill Clinton all found somewhere to throw out the first ball while President when there wasn’t baseball in DC.

Bush II came out to both Nationals Parks to throw out the first pitch. 

And here we are-economically depressed, bad team and his new home town-and he’s not going to throw out the first pitch.  I get that, you know, he’s got more important things to do-so do I, if we really want to get down to it.  That said, it was a nice gesture that a lot of people were looking forward to seeing.  I’m going to call LAME on this one. 

I mean he made time for a Wizards game-A Wizards GameAnd that was only so he could root for the Bulls!  Alright-he’s a Bulls fan, sure-go for it.  Go see your team, you’re the Prez. 

You know I’m blowing off work on Monday to go to the game-why can’t he?  It’s like 3 hours-no big deal!  He can even bring his blackberry and stuff-they have Wi-fi at the field! 

Just, you know-stop by a bar on 8th Street SE for a beer, come on over to the game-I”ll get you a Sunset Wheat at the Red Porch-throw out a ball and you’re done!  You don’t even have to stay!  It’s 5 minutes down the road-especially with one of those motorcade deals we all know you’re going to get if you come!

Pretty much I’ll expect that when I leave the game on Sunday I’ll be greeted with the news that it was a very productive Monday for the President in which he either fixed health care or the economy as a whole. 

*End Pouting*

Hopefully we can get him to come out for one of the July 4th games against Atlanta, or a few weeks later when the Cubs show up (I know-he’s a White Sox fan). 

And seriously, Sr?  Consider yourself penciled in for Opening Day next year.

Nationals: Reasons for Zimpotence?

 %2522ryan zimmerman%2522 Pictures, Images and Photos

Thanks to WaxHeaven for this “just left the club” photo of RZ.

As I write this, the Nationals are down 5-2 in top of the 6th against the Florida Marlins.  They’ve already dropped their first two to Florida and here comes Ryan Zimmerman to the plate.  That would be 1-11 (.091) Ryan Zimmerman who’s lone contribution thus far, offensively, is a double. 

The face of the franchise.   Why is he so terrible you may ask?  Perhaps you say “well it’s early in the season and he’s coming off of surgery last year-cut him a break.”

I offer exhibit A (thanks to Patrick)-Ryan Zimmerman’s favorite places to “go out.”  (WaPo)

Maybe Zim is spending a little too much time chatting up GW Undergrads at McFaddens, or a perhaps is staying out a bit too late with the recently graduated Clarendon crowd at Liberty Tavern-but if it keeps affecting his game play, I say we all show up at these places at tell him to pack it up and get some sleep because clearly he needs it. 

Yep.  I say if he doesn’t start hitting up the ball, then no more hitting up the town.  We can all go to K Street Lounge, or Town Hall and just-

oh wait, he hit another double (2-12).   Now he’s on third, thanks to a walk.  …Aaaaaaaand typical Nationals.  Bases loaded and no outs?  That’s a line out, a strike out and a pop out to end the inning. 

Now where was I?  Oh right-stalking Ryan Zimmerman.  For his own good, of course.  I mean…well…okay you know what I mean.  So…we’ll just leave it that.

Go team!

Daily DC Item: I’m Actually Happy To Be Purchasing Nats Tickets

untitled-1So today I’ll be logging on to get my hands on Red Sox Nationals tickets. This week I got an e-mail saying I was one of the lucky few that will be allowed to buy tickets for the June series. It’s sad that the most sought after baseball ticket in DC are for the Boston Red Sox. However as Massachusetts native I’m not complaining.

However you’d think they would at least try and throw a Nationals player in the e-mail. Make it a composite image of Adam Dunn & Big Papi. It’s like the Nationals know that if you put in the lottery you weren’t going to root for the Nats.

Will the Red Sox series be the sole highlight of the National’s season? We’ll find out soon enough!

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