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DC Metblogs’ Favorites: Quick Lunch Spots

DC’s long-lunch culture is directly tied to that genuinely unique art of Lobbying that is so common in this town. However, there are those days that you just need a quick bite, and Washington has much to offer in that regard, too. Click on for some of our favorite spots to grab a quick bite to eat.

Needed: Atari Flashback 2.0 Fairfax Frogger Hack

I now know want, desire, need, and it has a name: Atari Flashback 2.0 I’m in line for one of the first models when they ship in late August and once I have one, I’ll be looking for the hack most needed, Fairfax Frogger

Based on the Fairfax Frogger drinking game, where you stand on either side of Route 7 and drink every time a pedestrian makes it across another lane of traffic alive, guzzling two beers if they make it across in one dash, like this guy apparently did, it would be a hit among the DC commuter crowd. Better yet, make the frog a cyclist, and we can see how well those who hate bicycle couriers fare.

Me, I’ll just be smiling ear to ear, playing Defender to save DC from getting nuked.

If Only Barry was Still in Office

pothead.JPGJust found this on Fark. Pranksters in Salt Lake City, Utah managed to cultivate marijuana plants on city property. A few random plants have been showing up on city-maintained flower beds on Main Street and City Hall.

The city has been rather diligent in bagging them up, even though they look like Elm tree shoots. Makes for a rather interesting discussion. All told, I think it’s a great prank, definitely one to put you in high spirits.

In related news, Brazilian police arrested 10 people who were using Google’s Orkut socializing service to deal marijuana.

(Photo courtesy of Professor MD)

Now that’s art!

I’m walking down K street today, and what do I see in the lobby of the new 1700 K Street building but a giant Frank Stella sculpture. A giant at eight feet high, it fit beautifully in the building’s new lobby, a sleek minimalist lobby at that. A lobby that was surprising to see Stella’s All Astir in.

Frank Stella came to prominence in the late 1950s and early 1960s as one of America’s great abstract painters. He then slowly shifted from flat geometric designs into three-dimensional canvases and only since the late 1980s moved into sculpture and art for public places.

Now you too can enjoy his work, for free at that. Just wander over to 1700 K Street for a view.

DC Metblogs’ Favorites: Urban Oasis

The urban oasis, a centering spot for self amongst a busy life in a busy city. Here are a few of our Metbloggers’ choices!

DC Metblogs’ Favorites: Desserts

La Dolce Vita. The sweet life. It’s the summertime, when culinary thoughts lean toward the decadent and rich choices we are offered when the dessert menus are passed around at the restaurant. Give these choices a look, they’re our favorites.

restaurant review: mendocino

hmm i can’t believe i’ve been on dc metblogs this long and haven’t mentioned one of my favorite restaurants. i hadn’t been in awhile, but got the chance to grab dinner on sunday w/ my parents in town.

mendocino is located on the east end of georgetown and is exactly what you expect from a california wine bar. the inside is light yet inviting — the first thing you notice is the warm wood tones of the bar and accents the walls. the bar has an extensive wine tap system w/ over 2 dozen wines available by the glass.


they have a cheese tasting available as an appetizer, entree or dessert whimisically grouped as “two goats”, “two cows”, “two blues” and “two sheep”. the fish entrees are all seared to a crisp outside and tender inside. my dad ordered the lamb and i got the chicken which were both juicy and quite flavorful. the only thing to be careful of is any of the potato sides, they’re a bit salty for my taste. dessert of a grappa sorbet, molten chocolate w/ pistacio ice cream and the rhubarb crumble pie were all so delectable…mendocino really serves some of the best desserts i’ve come across in dc.

a special bonus is on wednesdays at 5:30 — for under $20 you can enjoy wine tasting w/ an appetizer. really quite reasonable and at a great cozy venue. i think you can make reservations for the wine tasting and for dinner it’s definitely recommended…the place can only hold about 50 diners.


DC Metblogs’ Favorites: Places To Take Out-of-Towners

This is the second in a new series of entries here at DC Metroblogging, called Metblogs’ Favorites, where our authors give out some of their favorite sports to visit, enjoy and experience here in DC. Our second category is “Favorite Place to take your out of town friends.” We know there’s a lot to do here in Washington, between the center of government and the museums and monuments, so we asked our authors to each choose one place they take their guests when they come to town.

DC Metblogs’ Favorites: Happy Hour

We’re debuting a new feature today here at DC Metroblogging, called Metblogs’ Favorites, where our authors give out some of their very favorite spots to drink, eat, walk, run, take photos, become more culturally aware or take in the sights. Our first category is Happy Hour Spots. So delve deeper into the minds of our authors and enjoy this round of Happy Hour Picks.

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