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Daily DC Item: Home-made Sex Toy Fail

"aafad 154/365 sexed-up" courtesy of Flickr user lamont_cranston

"aafad 154/365 sexed-up" courtesy of Flickr user lamont_cranston

Looks like somebody may have been watching Burn Before Reading too many times.  I read over at WRC-TV’s website about a southern Maryland couple who were experimenting with a home-made sex toy. According to TheBayNet, the couple were using a sex toy that was mounted to a sabre saw, and gosh darn it the saw cut through the toy while in use.

When I read that part of the story I was immediately grossed out. The woman was airlifted to a PG county hospital and is recovering, albeit probably embarrassed and unwilling to try anything in bed again.

This is definitely one of those, “what were you thinking moments?” I imagine this the work of a young redneck couple (I mean it is southern Maryland) thinking it would be a good idea to save some money in the recession by making your own sex toys. Even as a guy I wouldn’t want a saw in any form anywhere near my sex parts.
In a Daily Item update, remember that guy who punched The Crime Dog in the face? Well he was finally fired for his actions. Now you know that crime against mascots don’t pay. I’m looking at you Thomas Jefferson– you gotta play fair when racing Teddy, or at least learn gansta celebratory moves like Abe.

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