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It must be the pants

Photo by flickr user littlerottenrobin under creative commons licence.

After dressing like they were still in training camp for the last season and a half, the Redskins ditched their white on white combination and wore their traditional burgundy pants again yesterday. The result: a 17-13 victory (The Post) of Carolina. QB Jason Campbell hit TE Chris Cooley for a 66 yard score late in the fourth quarter. Adding to the drama was Campbell actually getting to call the winning play — his helmet speaker went dead. The Skins raise their record to 4-7, while the Panthers fall to 6-5.

Need a Ride to Vote?

Tomorrow is election day across the greater DC area (and the rest of the US, too) and that means lots of running around town trying to get to your polling place to vote. If you can’t afford your own transportation, though, in Montgomery County and Prince George’s County, there’s a cab company coming to your rescue, as they’ll be giving free cab rides to your polling place and back starting at 10am tomorrow and concluding at 1pm so the cabbies can still make a day’s wages. While most of the cabbies cannot vote themselves, they’re still interested in making the process work. It’s all being coordinated through CASA Maryland, so give them a call if you’re interested in a ride to the polls tomorrow.

Hot Pads

Perhaps if Wayan’s couch guest is still looking for a place to stay, he should take a gander at HotPads appears to be a mash-up between google maps and wikipedia, offering a user-friendly at-a-glance look at available housing options inside the beltway.

Users can customize their search requirements by zip code, city, county or state, using a variety of variables. A quick Georgetown search turned up not a whole lot, whereas a quick search of my home zip code turned up two rental possibilities.

Looking for a roommate? You apparently can use that feature too, although it turned up zilch for me. This appears to be a great tool for relocation professionals who know naught about the new city they’ll call home. Doing a quick search of cities such as Seattle and Boston turned up a whole lot of useful information.

These three Notre Dame former college roommates moved to the D.C. area and created HotPads in early ’05, relaunching the site last month. The best thing about HotPads? It’s totally free.

Between HotPads and The D.C. Crime Map newcomers to D.C. can learn much more about prospective neighbours before they even put down a deposit. Say ‘sayonara’ to moving in sight unseen, suckers.

Metro RAC has vacancies

Attention commuters, foamers, et al., Metro wants your input:

There are eight vacancies on the transit agency’s Riders’ Advisory Council. Three positions from Montgomery County; one from Prince George’s County; two from the District of Columbia; one from Fairfax County and one at-large position.

Metro is looking for people who ride bus, rail and/or MetroAccess; live in the areas where there are vacancies; are not Metro employees or contractors or are not elected officials to fill the openings. All positions are unpaid. Selected members will serve one-, two- or three-year terms.

Press Release: Riders’ Advisory Council seeks new members

We only allow quality literature, like those Sweet Valley High books…

Dear Eisenhower Middle School administration:

It’s a really good idea to educate your staff aboutyour written policies as well as the First Amendment before attempting to educate any children.



You’d think that a vice principal charged with teaching children to read would be delighted when they ARE reading, rather than attempting to prevent them from quietly reading the religious text of their choice over lunch. (Why yes, I would indeed be JUST as outraged if the child had been prevented from reading the Koran, thank you.)

CityPaper slams College Park

This week’s CityPaper cover story goes after the home of the University of Maryland in just about every way possible.

What local colleges have a better student life than College Park? Strayer, AU, Georgetown, GW, Southeastern, GMU, Howard, NOVA, Catholic, Montgomery College, Marymount, Gallaudet, UDC…

…stocking the student body with mathletes has done little to address College Park’s greatest shortcoming: It has the locational charm of a highway rest stop.

…an ugly shopping strip, a scarcity of choice, an air of lurking danger, and the promise of thoughtless mayhem.

That the CityPaper is going after a large commuter school is not surprising. Only one of the five parts of this story takes a look at how College Park is trying to improve itself; the other four parts are details of how bad a place the CityPaper perceives it to be.

Is the CityPaper is being fair with this article? Terps, we await your reply.

Stripclubs Sue Prince George’s County

Hoping to block new regulations in effect today, three strip clubs in Prince George’s County have sued to get the regulations set aside in Federal Court. The new regulations required a stage of 18″ and a 6′ gap between the dancers and the patrons of such an establishment, and of course I could see how this would affect dancers and their tips and profits.

Just think, guys, it could be much much much worse. Just check out this article from Metblogs Lahore. They’re banning “vulgar dances” there, the definition of which might just be showing off their calves and maybe even their arms.

Crips on a Farm!

Coming soon to a police station near suburban Maryland: Crips on a Farm! It’s a hot new thing to be part of the Crips on the Farm gang, based in suburban Maryland. Thuggin’ it out hardcore with their pimp cups on full of fresh milk from Bessie, the gang cow. Pimpin’ out the farmer’s daughter. Yeah, this metaphor could just go on and on and on

I’m curious, though, and it’s now about how can gangs operate when the streets aren’t mean, but what happens when there just aren’t streets to be operating on?!

Anyhow, congrats to the Maryland Gang Task Force, which can’t fix Prince George’s County, but somehow focuses their efforts on Washington County and the area around Frederick.

One commuter’s dream will come true

While nobody (aside from crazed theocratic fascists) likes unplanned explosions, scheduled detonations have proven to be quite popular. With that in mind, the Wilson Bridge Project has decided to let one commuter blow up the old span (The Post):

Wilson Bridge project officials announced yesterday that they are holding a contest in which drivers can compete to see who suffered the most at the hands of the old span. The traffic loser turned contest winner will get to trigger explosive charges that will send a half-mile section of the old bridge crashing to the banks of the Potomac River at the stroke of midnight Aug. 24.

The Wilson Bridge Project is on to something here. Could allowing commuters to drop the plunger on obsolete infrastructure be the new new thing?

Official press release: Toughest Bridge Commute Contest Your Chance to Detonate the Old Wilson Bridge

Pimping to the Capitol Police

Last week I wrote about the hardest working man in PG County, Aaron J. Burroughs, a pimp who had four jobs: bus driver, football coach, pimp, and drug dealer.

If you checked out the post recently, you’ll know two interesting factoids about him. Andrew writes that Mr. Burroughs was a volunteer coach at Bowie High School and should not be considered typical of the coaching staff there. Volunteer or not, I still count that as a job, though the Hedleys would disagree.

Then Tiffany says she dated Aaron back in 1989 when a freshman at Bowie High and to quote her:

He played football and was a very nice guy! He met my parents on several occasions and they loved him! He was from a good family and had strong family values.

Lucky for her, she went another way. No one looks good married to a pimp.

PG Pimp Burroughs is not looking good today either. The WashPost is reporting that the PG Pimp was selling tricks to the Capitol Police. Sergeant Michael Malloy of the U.S. Capitol Police was charged with child sexual abuse, accused of videotaping a pay-to-play session with the 15-year-old girl Burroughs was pimping out. Oddly, the Sergeant has a reverse-Clinton definition of child sexual abuse. To quote the Post:

Malloy told investigators that he had known Burroughs since seventh grade, and he acknowledged having sex with the teenager in his house, according to the charging document. But Malloy denied the allegation that he had oral sex with the girl in the District.

Whoa now! You admit to banging an underage ho for cash yet you deny a blow job? Hello, Mr. Policeman, you need to stop taking the lead from Aaron who, while driving a Range Rover, is claiming public defender poverty.

If you’re gonna admit to “having sexual relations with that girl”, go blow job not porn video.

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