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Making Science Fair

Props to DrBacchus on flickr

Props to DrBacchus on flickr

Do you remember your first science fair project?   All that research in the library, carefully printing your experimental procedure, plotting your results, and the nail-biting presentation for the judges — it’s all coming back, isn’t it?   Well, thousands of students are going through that same thing right now in preparation for the 2009 District of Columbia Mathematics, Science & Technology (DC MST) Fair on Saturday, March 14 at the McKinley Technology High School from 8:30 until noon.

One piece of this is still needed, and that’s judges.  For the senior projects that means very knowledgeable folks; trust me, these kids are sharp!  For the junior projects, more a more general background is needed.  And really, it’s not all robots!  Expertise is needed in animal sciences, behavioral and social sciences, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, chemistry, computer science. earth and planetary science, engineering, environmental sciences, mathematical sciences, medicine and health sciences, microbiology, physics and astronomy, and plant sciences. The two top winners here will go on to compete with students from all over the world at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

To be honest, the DC fair has been pretty dismal in the past, owing primarily to a lack of staff support.  I’ve judged science fairs across the region for several years and I can tell you that the DC fair has come a long way.  It was still worth going to even when you were lucky to get a printed list of projects, let alone the catered breakfast and lunch, packet and clipboard, and staff support that’s provided today (by the very generous and competent Walter Reed Army Institute of Research).  The reason it’s worth it is simple: the kids.  These are the ones who have the drive to make a career in science and technology and a difference in the world.  Many have had little or no exposure to the S&T community, so the 5 or 10 minutes you spend with them is priceless.

The deadline to register in DC is March 2, 2009.  See you there?

And on the theme of fairness, here are links to other 2009 area fairs and the hours they are open for judging: 

Northern Virginia Regional Science and Engineering Fair at the Wakefield High School, Saturday, March 7th, 9:30 AM until 1:00 PM

Montgomery Area Science Fair at the Reckord Armory Building at the University of Maryland, Saturday, March 21, 8AM until 5:30 PM

Fairfax County Regional Science and Engineering Fair at the Robinson Secondary School, Saturday, March 28th, 7:30 AM until noon

Prince George’s Area Science Fair at the Howard B. Owens Science Center at the PG Community College, Saturday, March 28th, 7:45AM until 1:00PM.

An Open Letter of Thanks To Random Girl at the Naylor Rd. Station (and Metro too)

Manu Script

image found here.

Dear Metblog readers, indulge me in a brief personal story and the use of this forum to say thank you to someone.  Hopefully you’ll just find it a heartwarming little story about how good people can be in our area.  

Dear Random Girl who eventually got off at the Naylor Rd. Station:

Thank you for finding my Iphone.  Although I’ve never met you or saw you or know anything about you-I appreciate your finding my Iphone.

See, I was heading home to drop off the comic books I had bought at SPX and to get changed to go out for the evening.  In my fervor of comic book delightedness I must have only half-heartedly put my phone into my sweatshirt hoodie pocket after checking it (like I always do) coming over the river on the yellow line bridge.  Questions of whether to go all the way to Clarendon or not coupled with handfuls of newly signed books must have distracted me as I left my train at Crystal City because it wasn’t until I got outside and reached for my phone again that I realized it was gone. 


FBI Raids Local State Senator’s Home

Ulysses Currie Agents of the FBI today raided the Prince George’s County home of State Senator Ulysses Currie (D-25 MD), as well as the headquarters of SUPERVALU’s Shoppers Food Warehouse in Lanham, MD. NBC 4 says that the raids are related, but can’t show a correlation. I’m sure we’re going to hear a lot about this in the next few days, as Sen. Currie is chairman of the Budget & Taxes committee in the Maryland State Senate. You can also watch WJLA’s coverage via their website.

New Convention Facility Makes People Sick?

Apparently around two dozen people who’d spent time at the new Convention Facility at the National Harbor development in Prince George’s County fell ill yesterday, complaining of serious nausea. All of those who complained had attented a medical conference at the new facility operated my the Gaylord Hotel Group Convention Center at the National Harbor. There doesn’t seem to be another connecting thread between those who complained, but the health departments in Prince George’s County, and Arlington County (the illnesses were all discovered at National Airport) will be following up with all those affected.

Very peculiar!

The Morning News: Snow Day? Edition

February is rearing her ugly side again, and may leave an inch of snow on us today, starting in about an hour or so. So, because DC can’t handle more than a single flake without some sort of traffic casuality, get ready for a crappy evening rush.

DC Loses $250,000 in Emergency Radios

Apparently, the DC Government can only account for 73 of its 151 emergency radios, and given that some of the radios have turned up for sale in DC, it’s probably not a bad assumption that the other 78 (valued at over $3,000 apiece) are pretty much gone. So, next time there’s an emergency, look out for those other 78 people fucking with the EMT and Police crowd. That’ll just be awesome.

Goodbye Awakening

awakening.jpg The Awakening is leaving DC today, being dug up from its home at Hains Point and moved to the National Harbor project (Warning, Annoying Music) in Prince George’s County. We’ve known this was coming, but it’s still jarring to think that it’s finally going. Thanks much to Christopher Dale for the use of his amazing long-exposure shot.

No More French in 9th Grade in DC

I know in my educational path, foreign language was an option as young as 7th grade. Apparently not in DC, where it’s not until 10th grade that you can take a foreign language. I’m no pedagogue, but I’m fairly sure that kinda screws over the students, no?

Home Depot Checkout Automation

Good Checkout Automation

Do you, like I find automated glitches at Home Depot when you use the self check-out lines? Yet do you hate to wait in the regular lines?

Then this man is your savior.

He runs an automated checkout cart down the line of folks waiting to leave, tallying up your hardware buy while you are in line to pay. When done he gives you a card which you give to the cashier.

With that card, she then concentrates on getting your money, not ringing up your goods. Specialization & automation that speeds the line.

Don’t know about you, but I like this Home Depot automation.

Keith A. Washington: Shooter and Blog Spammer?

Back at the beginning of April, I wondered Why Did Keith A. Washington Still Have a Gun?! when he threatened a real estate appraiser with a second police-issued gun after shooting two furniture delivery men, killing one, with his first police-issued gun, and trying to cover up the whole thing with a fake robbery call to PG police.

innocent appraiser
Keith “I’ll Spam Ya” Washington?

In the comments section, “Concerned Citizen” came to Washington’s defense with an unsubstantiated claim that

“Mr. King is not certified or licensed to do Home Appraisal it is speculated by authorities that he was merely trying to portray himself as a victim and colluded with others to sue Mr. Washington,

It also appears that the whole thing was fabricated by Mr. King……The attorney General of Md posted on their website the following information about Mr. King…..”

Now it seems that “Dave” posted the same rant on another site questioning Washington’s abuse of authority, resorting to personal attacks on the site owner who questioned “Dave” more than I.

Not to stop there, “Dave/Concerned Citizen” then apparently went to a third site that also calls him a danger to society. There, he was joined by “Susan” who claims to be his wife but just happens to have a uncanny similar use of too many periods:

Washington was jumped by them while his wife and daughter ran from their home screaming watching there husband and father being almost killed by two strangers…..My husband says that they had committed 4 or 5 previous burglaries before the encounter with Washington…….I that case Washington deserves a medal…how did people get it so wrong

Now I don’t know about you, but I smell blog spam. This “Dave/Concerned Citizen/Susan” sounds too much like a Keith A. Washington trying desperately to clear his name, one blog at a time.

I hope he has plenty of time to fulfill that Quixotic goal, from a gun-free jail cell.

Why Did Keith A. Washington Still Have a Gun?!

innocent appraiser
Keith “I’ll Kill Ya” Washington

I cannot believe this! Keith A. Washington, the guy who shot two Marlo Furniture movers, killing Brandon D. Clark, did it again. He whipped out his police issued pistol and threatened a innocent home appraiser who knocked on his door last week.

Can we get a big “WTF!”? Why does this man still have a gun? A PG Country police issued gun no less!

Why does he have any gun on his person after the Marlo movers shooting? The guy is a crazed lunatic, a real a-hole and shouldn’t be in possession of a police issued anything, except a prison jumpsuit.

And yet here he is getting charged with first-degree assault, second-degree assault and use of a handgun during a violent crime with said government gun. Oh wait, not the first gun but a second gun. From the WashPost article:

Investigators confiscated Washington’s service weapon when he was placed on administrative leave after the January shooting. At some point, under standard police practices, he was issued another weapon. A source, who requested anonymity because the case is ongoing, said investigators think the gun involved Thursday was the newly issued service weapon.

Giving a guy under investigation for a double shooting & one death with a gun, a second gun, is “standard police practice” in PG Country? Will Police Chief Melvin C. High yet again give Washington his gun and badge back even after he took them and Washington’s police powers because of this second action?

Keith A. Washington is nuts & should be allowed a water pistol, much less an actual lethal weapon. I don’t even live near PG Country and I totally agree with the still shocked appraiser:

“Considering what happened to the guys from Marlo Furniture, I felt both terrified and grateful that I wasn’t killed,” King said.

Damn straight, Mr. King. And if you’re wondering just how f**ked up the scene was for Keith A. Washington to pull a gun, check out the account published in the Post after the jump.

Dan Snyder has been busy

Dan Snyder has been a busy guy since his Redskins finished their dissapointing season. His name just keeps popping up in the news:

– Rumors of the Redskins building a new stadium on the RFK site (The Post) after 2008 have been gaining momentum, but The Wash. Times reports the team has denied any such interest citing their lease binds them to Raljon Landover until 2027. While it would be cool to have the Redskins back in The District, I don’t see how this move makes a whole lot of sense for anyone. FedEx Field is only 10 years old.

– Snyder has apparently gotten cold feet (Washington Biz Journal) about buying WGMS to expand his fledging Triple X/ESPN/Redskins/Red Zebra radio network to a frequency people can actually hear. WMGS may still dump classical though. Hat tip to DCRTV.

– Six Flags, under the control of Snyder, sold off a bunch of theme parks but not Wild World Adventure World Six Flags P.G. County.

While this is interesting as the exploits of previous owner, Jack Kent Cooke. Whether it was owning the Chrysler Building or his ex-con Bolivian wife he always made for better gossip. A better team too. We miss you Squire.

It’s Gonna Get Crazy

Well, the weather advisories are out for today, and in essence, they say “Batten down the hatches, it’s about to get insane outside.” Specifically the text I received says: Please secure loose items and watch for flying debris. So, when you’re out this afternoon, don’t even bother with the umbrella unless it’s made of cast iron, it’ll just become a projectile in the storm. Thunderstorms, high winds, flying debris, it’s all part of the forecast for today.

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