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MoCo Parking Enforcement: Ticket Yourself!

A parking enforcement vehicle parked in front of a fire plug. Does that seem fishy to anyone else? If a week goes by without me seeing a Montgomery County parking enforcement vehicle parked illegally, it’s because I haven’t spent many days up here in Bethesda.

Photo: Parking Enforcement Parking Illegally Originally uploaded by carlweaver

Mother’s Day Season is Upon Us

It seems like we just got past Easter and now we are heading into the next big commercial season – Mother’s Day. I was greeted by this chalk reminder in front of a florist’s shop in Bethesda this morning.

Are flowers the thing Mom wants? I don’t know. What I do know is that they slowly wilt and die, which is not a good expression of the love we tend to feel for our parents, or the love that florists and card stores tell us we should feel.

This year Mom gets no flowers. I will give her the same thing I always give her – a gift certificate to her favorite bookstore. Mom, if you are reading this, sorry to give away the surprise, but remember that knowledge is the best of companions and books the best of friends.

What are you getting your mother this year? Flowers? Candy? Anybody going for the ever-popular Bacon of the Month Club?

Photo: Remember Mom with Flowers Originally uploaded by carlweaver

Kensington Painting Exhibition on Friday


Please join Shara Banisadr and her students to celebrate unconventional ways of painting. They request that youRSVP so they know how many people to expect. You can visit the site about this event here and see others’ works as well.

The above painting is by local artist Kristin Bruch, a very talented and interesting young artist. As I have said before, I am not schooled in such highfalutin’ things as art history or art appreciation, but I know what I like and her work is drenched in it. Come on down and see Kristin’s work and that of many other artists as well. Here are all the specifics:

Reception: Friday, May 2, 2008
Time: 6:30-8:30

Location: Kensington Framing & Gallery
10805 Connecticut Ave
Kensington, MD 2089

It’s Free Scoop Day – Get Some Ice Cream!

Sure, it’s chilly out today, and maybe it feels more like late March than it does late April, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little chilly in exchange for some free ice cream, does it? Ben & Jerry’s is giving out a free scoop of ice cream, for as long as their supply holds, in the greater world today. There are five B&J’s Scoop Shops in the District. Click on the pretty map for all the details.


There are a few outliers as well, including Old Town, Bethesda, and Fairfax, so zoom back if you’re out a bit further so you can get the ice cream love, too. Scooping starts at noon, be prepared to wait in a bit of a line.

Market Season Upon Us

When you’re out walking to lunch today, in the glorious spring sunshine, take a moment to think about what you’re having. Is it trucked in by Sysco after being canned somewhere in the midwest? Or is it hauled in from area farms?

I’ve fallen in love with the area farmers markets, which are about to start their season again. The Post sent over a very neat Google Maps Mashup with a bunch of local farmers markets. Be sure to play with the days of the week on the map, as that made me miss my two favorite farmers markets initially.

If you’re interested in Farm Shares, please check out the VABF’s listing of CSA farms in the northern virginia area, most of whom will have dropoff points in the District. It’s not too late!

Strawberries — Originally uploaded by tbridge

New Convention Facility Makes People Sick?

Apparently around two dozen people who’d spent time at the new Convention Facility at the National Harbor development in Prince George’s County fell ill yesterday, complaining of serious nausea. All of those who complained had attented a medical conference at the new facility operated my the Gaylord Hotel Group Convention Center at the National Harbor. There doesn’t seem to be another connecting thread between those who complained, but the health departments in Prince George’s County, and Arlington County (the illnesses were all discovered at National Airport) will be following up with all those affected.

Very peculiar!

Tastee Diner – Even Roaches Like It!

My Lovely Wife and I were at Tastee Diner in Bethesda a few days ago and had an unexpected visitor at our table. When we told the waitress, she said we could sit somewhere else if we wanted, but she did not look at all surprised. Nor did the other customers.

I had hoped that they might at least comp my cup of coffee or give us some sort of discount. I guess I should just be glad that I wasn’t charged extra.

Have you been there and found little critters running around?

Photo: Tastee Diner, Bethesda
Originally uploaded by carlweaver

The Morning News: Snow Day? Edition

February is rearing her ugly side again, and may leave an inch of snow on us today, starting in about an hour or so. So, because DC can’t handle more than a single flake without some sort of traffic casuality, get ready for a crappy evening rush.

DC Loses $250,000 in Emergency Radios

Apparently, the DC Government can only account for 73 of its 151 emergency radios, and given that some of the radios have turned up for sale in DC, it’s probably not a bad assumption that the other 78 (valued at over $3,000 apiece) are pretty much gone. So, next time there’s an emergency, look out for those other 78 people fucking with the EMT and Police crowd. That’ll just be awesome.

Goodbye Awakening

awakening.jpg The Awakening is leaving DC today, being dug up from its home at Hains Point and moved to the National Harbor project (Warning, Annoying Music) in Prince George’s County. We’ve known this was coming, but it’s still jarring to think that it’s finally going. Thanks much to Christopher Dale for the use of his amazing long-exposure shot.

No More French in 9th Grade in DC

I know in my educational path, foreign language was an option as young as 7th grade. Apparently not in DC, where it’s not until 10th grade that you can take a foreign language. I’m no pedagogue, but I’m fairly sure that kinda screws over the students, no?

Talk About a Bad Real Estate Market

I have never seen one property management company renting space from another one. I suppose it happens all the time but it sounds a little bit like me, a photographer, going to get a portrait made by someone else. Granted, in some professions it’s difficult to do work for yourself, such as dentist, proctologist or barber. Those ones I can understand knocking on someone else’s door. But for a property management company that needs to rent space?

Have you seen this sort of thing before?

Bethesda’s Language Police on the Job

Language police on the prowl

Thank you, whoever fixed this sign on Old Georgetown Rd. The ongoing construction has shut down the sidewalk for months and still shows no sign of letting up. Those of us who are funloving enough either dodge traffic or do a deft balance beam move by walking on the curb as traffic speeds by. No, it isn’t smart, but it’s easier than crossing the street, walking a couple blocks to the next crosswalk and crossing back again.

At least now I know that the last word on the sign is an indicator of location rather than a verb, which always confused me. Either way, I say to hell with it. It’s the balance beam for me.

Where do you typically disobey pedestrian laws?

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